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The Mysterious History of Irehu Iruvo


The Mysterious History of Irehu Iruvo

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Anidayi Anebira! Etemeya nini? My name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza aka Binoosmart. In this article I will explain to you the mystery everyone tend to not understand about the popular Irehu Iruvo of the Ebiras. I did my research and I can gladly say that you will understand everything I will explain in this article.

Disclaimer: Please I am no English Student and I am not from New York, (I’m from Inoziomi in Adavi local Government Area of Kogi State). So don’t expect big grammars from me I will keep the article simple and if you see any grammatical error in this article please correct it for yourself.

Irehu Iruvo Anebira

What’s Irehu Iruvo (Ebira Traditional Sitting Stool)?

Irehu Iruvo is an Ebira People’s traditional sitting stool, mostly popular among women. Some concluded that the ones with cowrie tied around it, in a true sense is no ordinary stool again, it has been fortified, while said the cowrie is a sign of wealth and blessings.

It’s said that if a woman in her matrimonial home cannot conceive male child or maybe she’s a barren. If such woman consult the Oracle (Eva) and most times the number one ingredient the herbalists ask for is Irehu Iruvo and it must be bought for the woman by her husband.

In addition, in the olden days the man that marry more than one wife is considered a real man so for this fact monogamous relationship was rampant, some because of farm work while some men do this because they have the money and strength to take care of the wives and children. But there is a down side to this. Everything in life has pros and cons.
The down side is that such households are battlefields, for the wives and the step children. So as a soldier that is going to war you have to get ready and prepare for what to come, for this reason alone Irehu Iruvo needs to be fortified so that no one will be able to chase her away from her home (not the Ova nor can it be her Ohini). Hmmm this one is loud (Ireyi Tura).


Irehu Iruvo is often a gift given to newly married woman by her mother mostly grandmother’s or the husband as a symbol of love from the husband to signify that for better for worse they will forever be happily married and that she will bare him children in good health. And from the mother or grandmother it signifies permanent sit with the cowrie (Uto) signifying wealth. Uto is olden days money. Remember?

Yes! This still happen in Ebiraland today where you see women fighting with their husband over Irehu Iruvo, most especially when the other wives have gotten theirs and they haven’t, they fight to get it from their hubbies because they believe it’s their right.

Conclusively, you may or may not concur with everything above what I really want to point out is that it doesn’t really matter what I have proved in this article some people still see Irehu Iruvo as Isohiku (Forefathers thing) while some look at it as a normal sitting stool. It’s one of those things that last most in a house. Children will meet it in this world and leave it this world. E dey last!!!!!!.

Please drop your comments below and share with your friends and families all around facebook and Whatsapp or any social network. Please if you are copying this article please do credit please consider the stress I passed through at the cause of writing it.

Thanks for reading my article, I’m still Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart) this is going to be all for now. Please for your contributions, promotions, donation, addition and corrections will be highly appreciated, don’t hesitate to contact me through:

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Adijo nini. (Good Bye for now)

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