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60 Common Dreams And Their Meaning – Ebira Approach


60 Common Dreams And Their Meaning – Ebira Approach

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Common Dreams And Their Meaning – Every culture and people around the world attach different meaning to signs and symbols we see in our dreams. Here, I am compiling a list of dream symbols as believed by the Ebira People. These are signs and symbols that have been tried and tested through the ages. These interpretations are not meant to scare anyone but to reveal the true meaning of what your dream is trying to tell you so that you can take appropriate steps to get your dreams fulfilled (In case of good dreams) or to pray against such dreams (In cases of bad dreams). Suggestions are highly welcome, but note that this is not a debate site so arguments and criticism will not be entertained.

No one knows tomorrow but many time, our dreams can see tomorrow very clearly. Good luck as i unravel the mysteries of life. Have fun!!!

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Common Dreams And Their Meaning

Eating: This is interpreted to be a bad omen, because it may mean that the food one likes to eat may be poisoned by someone else. Also we I have seen cases where people were poisoned in their dream.

Being chased: This is interpreted usually as a bad sign. The masquerade or the by animals or animal is a manifestation of evil forces. In practical terms, one’s masquerades enemies are planning evil against the person involved.

Counting money: This is often interpreted as a foreshadowing of poverty. The dreamer may be having a vicarious experience of wealth and mistake this for reality by relaxing, or it could mean the possibility of a sudden wealth that has no basis in the dreamer’s efforts and can also lead back to poverty if the dreamer does not embark on productive activities.

Swimming in river: This is interpreted as a struggle to survive or surmount a problem. Swimming through the river before the end of the dream may signal potential success while failing to do this may suggest serious problems ahead for the dreamer.

Bathing in the house: This is interpreted as washing away ill luck or failure. Bathing in one’s house suggests some element of control by the person.

Seeing a snail or picking snail: This is often suggested to mean that one’s progress will be slowed down. It can also mean contracting a sudden death

Sexual intercourse: This suggests that one’s progress may be negated or the possibility of spiritual weakness.

Hunting: If the dreamer kills the game, it is interpreted as acquiring some success. If otherwise, this means the beginning of failure in the dreamer’s efforts.

Getting married: This may mean that the person is married already in the Spirit world and may remain unmarried for ever in the physical world. For the already married person, this could mean a gradual transition to the ancestral world where reunion is a form of marriage.

Being soaked by rain: This is often interpreted as a sign of blessing to the dreamer

Maize or rice farm or gold: Someone who dreams and sees himself in a large maize or rice farm or walking through gold means that, God is going to take your hardship away. Especially if that dream re-occurs you should be diligent about it. It is a sign that God has determined to release prosperity into your life.

Diamond or Gold: Whenever you receive diamond or gold in your dream, the diamond signifies glory and honour while the gold means financial break through.

Dead person given you gold: If you dreamt and saw a dead person giving you gold, it means the opportunity God gave to that person while he was alive will now pass unto you.

Dog or Cat: Someone who dreams and kills a dog or cat has been given victory over his household enemies. On the other hand, if the animals are not domestic, but are either snake or scorpions, it also means that God has given him victory over enemies outside his home.

National flag: When you see a national flag in a dream, it signifies the nation. The particular flag you see will determine the country God wants to talk to you about. The content, symbols and tokens of it will determine what God wants to tell you concerning that nation. Therefore, if you see two different national flags tied up together it means that there shall be a strong unity among those two countries.

Award: Someone who dreams that he has been awarded by a president will receive an award of blessing in the land governed by the president from God.

Interview: Someone who dreams, he is being shot on a video camera having a journalist interview or being tape recorded while giving a speech means he or she shall be either a national or an international star depending on the type of people interviewing him or her.

Anointing oil: When someone receives an anointing oil in his dreams, it means the person is receiving a divine mantle. Find out more about whose image God is using in the dream. This may help you to discover the total meaning of the dream.

Man of God (Pastor or Alfa): Someone who sees a man of God in a dream has received a revelation of God’s shadow because men of God represent God.

Fruit: Whenever you are given one particular fruit in your dream, it means you have been given a divine gift from God. Receiving different types of fruits means that you have been given different types of gift from the God.

Quran or Quran Verse/Bible or Bible verse: Someone who dreams that he has been given a chapter or verse of any of the Holy Books in a dream means that there is a message from God out of that verse for him. It can be a warning, words of encouragement or words of wisdom. The scripture given will show what God wants to communicate.

Driving a car: Someone who dreams and sees himself always driving a private car also means God will one day give him/her a personal work or independence to become an employer.

Driving a bus: A dream where one finds himself driving a commercial vehicle containing people but the dreamer has no knowledge about driving is a sign that the person will become a leader over a group of people in a government company in the near future, the size of the vehicle he is driving will determine the number of people in the company.

Driving a taxi cab: A dream where a non-taxi driver finds himself driving a taxi speaks of one that shall lead a group of people but they will not be large in number.

Driving a cargo car: The driving of a cargo car loaded with goods by one who is not a driver means the person will one day be in charge of properties. The size of the car he saw in the dream will determine the size of the property he will be in charge of.

Visa: A dreamer who receives a visa in a dream under a parabolic dream signifies divine authority to go places. Note that when the person is seriously sick before this dream, it is a signal that that person’s departure from this universe has been approved by God; which means death.

Shoe: To be given a new shoe in a dream is an indication of being given a new opportunity.

Money: Someone who is given money in a dream is one who is being given wisdom to make wealth or doors of financial opportunities are about to be opened unto him.

High mountain or building: Someone who dream’s and sees himself on top of a high mountain or a high story building has great victory in store.

Computer: The dreamer who finds himself always using a computer where as he is not a computer literate, speaks of someone who God will make famous by means of the mass media or IT in General.

Politician: Person who moves with politicians in a dream will experience great opposition and criticism. The end of the dream will determine whether he/she will be victorious or not.

Honey or Candy: Whoever dreams and finds he/she is being given a Candy or honey is a pointer that God will turn the fellow’s bitterness into sweetness in this life.

Keys: Whenever you receive keys in a dream, it means God has given you divine wisdom, authority, dominion and power. A lone key however is an indication that you are being given an opportunity.

Fishing: Someone who dreams and finds himself fishing but is not a fisherman has received anointing to win souls. In the future, he can become a preacher or a successful businessman with so much influence over society.

Laughing: Whenever you dream and see yourself laughing and instantly wake up with the laughter it means your mourning will turn into laughter.

Travelling: Whenever you find yourself travelling oversees for a business in a dream. It could be taken literally to mean just that. Under parabolic dreams however, it means your blessings are not limited to where you are.

Police or Soldier: When police men or soldiers appear in your dream to rescue you from satanic attack, it means the Angels of God has rescued you from the hands of witchcraft powers. Note when they are after you in a dream, it signifies demonic attack.

Vomiting: Whenever you see yourself vomiting in your dream it means you are being delivered from the hands of the evil one or from sickness.

Beating someone: Whenever you see yourself beating someone in your dream, it means the power of God has come over you to defeat your enemies.

Upside Down National flag: Whenever you see a national flag being turned upside down or being burnt by fire in a dream, it means that such a nation will face misfortunes, such as wars or natural disasters or famine.

Dirty water, dirty places or mad person: Poverty is depicted in a dream by someone seeing dirty water, walking through nasty grounds such as on faecal matter, gutters, refuse dump and seeing a mad person. Even if the dreamer is well of in the society, he or she needs to watch out for an impending disgrace ahead of his life.

Former School, home, teacher, sites etc: Someone who dreams and sees himself in his formal school, hometown, formal residence, formal work site or sees his formal teacher, ex president , formal land lord, is a signal of a setback in life and also an indication of great honour being withheld from the dreamer.

Ghost, Casket, ambulance, grave: If you dream and see the ghost of a dead person, casket, ambulance or grave yard it signifies that the spirit of death is at hand.

Black ants: Black ants clustered in ones bedroom or around ones bed, depicts the crowd that will gather for the persons funeral. This is a negative dream and has to be resisted at all cost.

Funeral cloth: If you find yourself in a funeral cloth in a dream, it signifies a life of sorrow.

Red pepper, onion, ginger: Plucking of red pepper or receiving a gift of red paper, onion and ginger is an indication of pain, bitterness, sorrow and hardship to be unleashed.

Snake or poisonous insect: If snake or any poisonous animal or insect bites you in a dream, it means your enemies have succeeded in overcoming you with an evil plot.

Snail, Tortoise: Seeing snail and tortoise in a dream means that one’s rate of growth will be slow especially with regard to prosperity. This is negative and needs to be dealt with, with prayer.

Dumb: Whenever you see yourself dumb in a dream it means you cannot express yourself especially in self-defence.

Prison: Whenever you find yourself in prison or a police cell in a dream, it signifies spiritual stagnation.

Goat, Cow: Whenever you see a goat or cow in dream especially the black one’s it signifies witchcraft.

Pig, Vulture: Whenever you dream about a pig or vulture it also signifies embarrassment or poverty.

Sheep: Whenever you see a white ram or a white sheep in a dream it signifies meekness.

Sex, Romance, and Eating: Someone who dreams that he/she is having sex or having romance and eating in a dream can result into set back, sickness, spiritual weakness, lack of marriage and disappointment in life.

Drinking: If you are already a good Muslim or Christian, and you have a dream that you are drinking alcohol, smoking and bowing down to a shrine or having fun at a club house or disco it is a warning from God against a backsliding.

Naked or defecating: Someone who dreams and finds himself walking naked in a market place or defecating on himself will experience self-disgrace.


Rainbow, Chameleon: A dreamer who sees rainbow or a chameleon in his dream will definitely make it in life. But the pace will be slow. This person should not rush in life but take it slowly with God.

Shot with a gun, receiving injection or eating: If you find yourself having being shot with gun, receiving an injection or eating food in a dream excluding meat, it is a sign of sickness which will be difficult to be diagnosed.

Eating meat: note when the food contains only meat, it means such a person has contracted blind witchcraft which is a dangerous dream.

Quran or Bible: Someone who dreams of receiving a Quran or Bible in a dream as a gift signifies that he has been given salvation, divine wisdom, divine power, divine dominion and divine authority.

For questions and contribution please add your comments below this article at the comment section, Avor.

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