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Ebira Folktale: Suuru’Ohuni (Patience is Virtue).


Ebira Folktale: Suuru’Ohuni (Patience is Virtue).

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photo Credits: Sequel photography. (Yahaya AbdulMutoleeb)

The two goats (Suru and Ohuni) were best of friends who were bought by a farmer at Utubaze. They walk out, graze on grasses and do almost everything together.

One day, the farmer travelled afar to visit a neighboring farm but forget to keep food for the two goats (Suru and Ohuni) which make the two goats get hungry.

They waited, and then, Suru called on Ohuni if they can go up to the hill of Okeneba in search for food.

On reaching the top of the hill, they got themselves a greener grasses to graze on but Ohuni was greedy which lock horns on Suru not to feed on it part.

Suru sighed, decided to be patient and leave the part of the greener grasses for Ohuni; heading to Ukòwà if possible there is grasses for him to graze on too.

He (Suru) felt sad and surprise for the sudden behavior of Ohuni.

At the part of where Ohuni was grazing on grasses which he felt is greener and took advantage of that by chasing Suru away for himself all alone was a trap set by a Hunter Karekade which he took home for his family and slaughtered for meal.

On reaching home, the farmer of the two goats (Suru and Ohuni) waited for his goats to return back home but only found Suru which was just bleating and singing behind the hut.

“Aví Suru Ohuni Inè heè”

The farmer got holds to the song which later a nearby narrates what happened to the two goats while he was away.

Since then, the farmer have learnt to know one need to be patient in everything, so he added “Ohuni” to the name of “Suru” which in everything that has ever happened to man “Suru Ohuni”.

NB: In everything know that “Patience is Virtue.
One strength that will benefit you in every area of your life is patience.

When things get uncomfortable in life, patience is a virtue and it will help you deal with the discomfort in a way that best suits your life and the people around you.

The bottom line is that being impatient can do some real negative things to you and your life.

Written by Ataba Black Bilal

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