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Interview: Exclusive Interview With Lady Tonia (Ohunene) – With Video.


Interview: Exclusive Interview With Lady Tonia (Ohunene) – With Video.

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Lady Tonia (Ohunene)

Hello my fellow Anebiras and the good people of Ebira Online Media, i have received countless of emails about the First lady in Ebira People’s Entertainment, the person of Lady T aka Ohunene. The emails often reads “When is She Coming Back? Why Did She Stop Acting? And the likes”.

So guess what?

I actually made up my mind to Interview her 1 on 1 and she granted my request so i traveled to the FCT Abuja for the interview and it was a massive success. Thanks to God and the selfless Ebira Born Actress we interviewed.

Yakubu Binuyaminu, Ohunene & Prince YU

In a sit down talk with Ohunene, she unveiled a lot about how she started acting, her time as an actress and why she took a break, i wouldn’t say it was an interview as it’s more of an interactive session (It is more of a discussion).

Ebira Online Media: Please we will like to know what prompted you to start acting and when?

Ohunene: Acting and singing is a thing I enjoyed doing from childhood, back then with my group in church we act and sing at church events before i joined Ebira Movie industry early 2000 (2003). Listen to the Video Below for full Answer

Question: Has anything Rumors Peddlers say, ever hurt you?

Answer: No, you know i have grown to know my people, so for that I don’t let anything anybody say get into my head.

Question: Has anyone ever discriminate you?

Answer: My brother. A lot, you know we live in a society where some people don’t really know the difference between acting and reality, for if you take the role of a witch in a movie automatically in reality you are Opochi (Witch) like wise if you act the scene of Prostitute or a Thieve. So not only me everyone that act get discriminated one way or the other…

Question: In your song titled ‘Anyegwu Irego’ you sing about ‘Dead Horse and a Living Horse’ can you explain the meaning of it?

Answer: The simple explanation to this is; let’s say i have a Horse now, when its alive there is no way you can ride it, If it’s dead you can’t eat from the meat, why don’t you just let it be alive. Its a form of encoded message to ones enemy to leave one alone as I’m no use to them dead.

Question: So Tell Us, Why Did You Have To Leave?

Answer: I didn’t leave i only took a break, because of reasons known to me, it’s personal. Just so you know, you have to explore and try something else.. and besides i have lots of projects at hand and very soon i will thrill all my fans, i just want my coming back to be a big surprise. So expect greatness.

To here full details of this answer listen in the video below:

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I Only Took A Break

I can’t actually type everything here as i have prepared it in videos on YouTube.
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