Onyiete the Ex-Love of My Life Flashed Me Today. (I Almost Got Beaten Up).

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Breakups hurt – they hurt badly. You miss your ex-lover. You miss your old life together. You may be thinking more and more about patching things over and trying again. no matter how perfect two people are, some people are not just meant to be together.

This evening, I saw a girl who looked like the estranged love of my life (my ex-girlfriend) while I stood by a fast food counter in the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Community Market. It’s been long I found myself attracted to someone and I couldn’t help but stare, despite the fact that I stood with another girl, and she was with another guy, her boyfriend no doubt.

When the guy caught my eyes, he put an arm around her waist and eyed me from feet to the tip of my head. Then it was PDA for him the entire time I was there.
I don’t know why guys are fond of spiting other guys like that as if it was a crime to stare at my future wife who is passing time acting as his girlfriend.

Well I couldn’t retaliate and do PDA with the girl I was with because the attraction I had for her is likened to my love for Eba with Epewu Soup while the other girl was like Iya with Ipapara Soup and Upa Huuru… Hmmmm Yummy.

Suddenly the guy shouted Kai, Gee why are you staring at my girl like that? I was so furious about it and I responded with Kai Aboki na, call me that yariya you are with. He got angry and was getting closer to us, in a blink of an eye my girl don carry bottle, running towards the guy.

(Ebira Girls no dey carry last when it comes to this). The guy stopped, and was like calm down girl someone cannot play with una?

I started feeling like Jagaban!!! LMAO

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