Useful Phrases in Ebira Language With English Translation

A collection of useful Phrases in Ebira Language compiled by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza. If you can provide recordings of this phrases please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp with this number +2347033004080

Phrases In Ebira Language

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Ebira Language English Language
Etemeya? How are you?
Ma Yin Oisi Awu I love you
Ngwao Hello
Tao Hi
Avu dahi? Hope you are fine?
Onyi Awu yo? What about your mother?
Ada awu yo? What about your father?
Anyari Ekuhi Eta Long time no see
Ireha awu ri? What is your name?
Ma dahi I am fine
Ekura ami My town
Irenu Ami My Mouth
Onyi Ami My Mother
Ma ku Ohomorihi Avo I thank God
Ee Yes
Heiye No
Ve Varisa Come and Eat
Eiyara Maybe
Meiye I don’t know
Arihini Please
Oya Osoni vi? How much is this?
Ireka awu osi ruru Your Noise is too much
Mave I am coming
Je zimi Wait for me
Vave Come back
Eiyi Awu Aturami I am missing you
Navomi he Leave me alone

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