Story: The Flogging of Queen Nina (What Really Happened)

The Flogging Of Queen NINA
The Flogging Of Queen NINA

Flogging Of Queen Nina: As the world is fighting Corona Virus Pandemic, Ebira People in the other hand are busy with what I will describe as Political, Home Training and Girl Flogging Saga.

Elizabeth popularly known by her Facebook Name Queen Nina allegedly got beaten by Hon. Danga. Naso Dem tell me oh, Ehen. After a post made by Nina went viral on the Blue App (Facebook) where Nina Addressed Hon. Danga on how to be a good brother to his siblings. The part wey hit me pass na when Nina talk say “Charity Begins at Home”. The thing weak me

People Involved in my Story (Starring)

  1. Miss Elizabeth (Queen Nina)
  2. Hon. Abdulmumin Danga (Commissioner for Water Resources Kogi State)
  3. Ozi Anty (Ebira Comedian)
  4. Blessing Ahuoyiza Blizzcute (Facebook Sensation)
  5. Barr. Natasha Akpoti
  6. Danga Lesh (Hon. Danga’s Sister)
  7. And Others……

How Everything Started.

The Amebo Joint

This whole drama started in a salon in Lokoja I don’t mean to be rude but all hair dressers are Amebos, my Neighbor na case study. Once your matter entered any Women Hair Dressing Salon in Nigeria! You will even wish for death sentence the way girls will finish and cast you.
So, nah for the salon dem table Hon. Danga’s matter oh, and how he no dey take care of his siblings.

You know as a human being now! The issue no sit well for Nina Belle, so she decided to voice her opinion on Facebook by lecturing Hon. Danga on what to do and how to do it. But She was forgetting that

“Feel At Home No Mean Say Make You Go Dey Open Pot”.

Erigga Talk am

Just because Danga’s Sister told you things about her brother doesn’t mean she wants you to hurt him. (Blood is thicker than Water).

What Really Happened When Hon. Danga Saw The Post?

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
Danga was so surprise

According to what I heard oh, Danga doesn’t want to take any action because he thought she’s just one of those Facebook wailers that want to be popular by all means. But our Ebira Ranter talk say no oh, she needs to be dealt whit oh, even if dem no go do am anything make dem Di’japa Rio Iruvo (Bulala her Bum Bum).

When they got to Queen Nina’s house, according to report because I no dey there, Nina wanted to form Slay Queen but she was replied with a slap that can wake King Pharaohs Corpse, Nah (Anaks Nikit Hon. Danga’s Girlfriend Slap am).

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
This Kind Slap!!!!

That was how they were able to calm her calm.
Dem come tell the 3 years old son make him sit down for one side like this make them flog him Mama for him present, they Bulala Nina so teeeeey, all the Bum Bum were full of bruises them come say make them give am Jara for shoulder so that she go fit take pictures.

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
The Whipping no be here

The bruises you see for her shoulder na small thing oh, na her Bum Bum bad pass she can’t just take picture ni.
I even hear say na Ozi Anty the comedian Dey ginger the Flogging self, I no dey there nah hear I hear am.

After the whipping, they no satisfy, them record her nude come tell am to do an apology video to correct her recent post. If not, the nude video go hit the internet. As I was told.

The matter self don enter Natasha Akpoti hand, so she came online to address the issue. Come dey talk say this matter na court matter oh. Also stressed further that, Mr. Danga has without a doubt not only caused grave emotional trauma to Nina but has committed crimes of Battery, assaults and infringed upon her fundamental rights to dignity as provided for by chapter IV of the Nigerian constitution.

She no stop there, she come call on the good people of Kogi State and Nigeria at large especially women to seek justice for Elizabeth aka Queen Nina
(The English too Much for Me abeg)

E no end there oh, e be like say one girl like that named Blessing Ahuoyiza Blizzcute get issues with both the Local Comedian and Hon. Danga’s Girlfriend, she no keep quiet also she be like add comment under Natasha Akpoti’s post saying see screen Shorts below:

  1. Very Local Comedian.. Enesa will be forced to remove that his face mask by force
  2. Ehen Mama I forgot to tell you that one f them was eyeing me last December… plis include her name, I want just her front teeth to be removed (very wicked girl)
  3. Pls if others collect koboko2by2 plank should be used on that local comedian, he deserved to learn in a hard way… His Mumu don do. (Pako for that matter, Blessing you 1 kill person pikin?)

According to blessing he blocked the comedian last year during the Senatorial election due to his Mumu level.

As for Hon. Danga’s siblings! they all came online to do a live video saying Elivabeth was not beaten, Slapped or stripped. could this be a form of blackmail coming from Barrister Natasha Akpoti to GYB team? ok i’m still observing da. see the live video from Siblings below.

Hon. Dangas Sister break Silence Don’t Forget to subscribe to our Channel on YouTube

Meanwhile people like Victor Justified, King Dreez (Da Phaze) Moe Hadi and many more others voiced out too but I can’t post everything here as the story is already getting boring.

As for me I still dey observe everyone’s post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram anytime I see anything suspicious I go post am here. My opinion is that everything is Political.

The Flogging of Nina
I just Dey Observ

I am doing well Oiiiiiiiiiin.

Make una drop una views below at the comment section before una go oh, don’t just be a Ghost reader.
You Are Doing Well As You Drop Your Comments. Oiiiiiiiiiin.

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