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Why The Dog Lives Among Men – Ebira Folktales


Why The Dog Lives Among Men – Ebira Folktales

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Will you like to know, Why The Dog Lives Among Men? long time ago, the dog used to live in the Forest like the Fox, Hare and the Hyena. Something happened that made it run away and live with Man. There was a terrible famine in the land so great that the animals decided to eat their parents in turn. This idea was not acceptable to the dog whose only surviving parent was his mother he loved so much and he could not voice his reservations.

Why The Dog Lives Among Men

He could not imagine her death not let alone of him being the cause of her death. The turn of the Lion came for him to present his father and mother, with pain he offered them and the whole animals ate them even though not sufficient but it provided them something in their stomach for the day. Soon it was time for the Elephant, Tiger, Fox ,Hippopotamus , Leopard ,Hare, Tortoise etc.

All the while the dog was not happy, he was alive solely for his mother. An idea occurred to him. He quickly grabbed it and decided to act along. Few days to his turn, he told the entire kingdom that his mum was sick with chicken pox, all the animals stayed away from her because of the fear of being infected. Two days later he announced her death, The animals mourned with him and told him to go ahead and bury her.

The Dog took his mother high up a mountain and would everyday communicate with her. Each time he is to see the mother she would throw down a rope for him to climb and meet her up there. This continued for a while before the fox noticed that the dog was always absent at a particular time of the day and would reappear at the same time.

He began to observe him and when he was very sure, he decided to follow him. He could not believe what he saw, so the dog lied to deceive all and keep his mother while he ate that of others. He quickly ran back and informed the others. They were all angry and decided to deal with the dog.

They all marched to the place while they were some miles to the place, Mother Dog looked from the mountain and saw the other animals coming with anger towards them. It dawned on them that their secret has been discovered and imminent death awaits the two of them.They quickly came down and ran away  from the forest and barely made it outside the forest. They knew they could never return to the forest so they decided to live with man. That is how dogs have ever lived with man.

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