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Clans In EbiralandEbira History

The History Of Obaji Clan In Eika.


The History Of Obaji Clan In Eika.

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History of Obaji Clan in Eika
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Obaji is a well Popular Known Clan in Eika that Gave Birth to a total Number of 5 Children

The 5 Children of Obaji.

  1. Ubobo
  2. Anchi
  3. Ogu
  4. Ehemi
  5. Egiri.

History of Ubobo Clan

Ubobo is known as the eldest son among all of Adai Obaji children, one of the major benefits as the eldest son of Adai Obaji, is an ancestral gift from the father (OBAJI) which is Called OCHI-EKU (Masquerade Stick), the Ochi-Eku is well known as the Masquerade Which will Publicly Announce the Exact Day of the well-know Festival in EKUECHI, And the Ochi Eku is Been Sited at Eika Eba Which is very closed to Ege in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State, One of the Most secretive Rules is that no one dares the Lane of the Masquerade or Confront the Masquerade whenever he is parading or Outing. He moves Around Eika Districts right from Eika-Eba, Down to Obangede, Okaito, Uboro, Omavi and Isugwe all in just one day, He starts the early Hours of the day till dawn. The Major Areas they Dominate or resides are as follows:

  • Obangede
  • Eika-Ohinzeyi

 History of Anchi Clan

Anchi Clan Was the second son of Adai Obaji, who populated Obangede, The Anchi Clan are Sub Divided into three Sub-clans which are as follows: Omobo, Ododo, Ezi-Kaba.

The Major resident of the above-Mentioned Clan is Obangede, Eika-Ohinzenyi, and few of them often resided in Okene (Ajanah’s Family), And one of the most important things concerning the Anchi Clan is that it’s forbidden and a taboo for them to marry themselves.

History of Ozi Ogu (Ogu Clan)

Ozi Ogu is the Third Son of Adai Obaji of Eika. They are Most Known to have resided in the Isugwe Axis, the main traditional Leader of the Ozi-Ogu clan is Called OKARA of OGU as they are not entitled to the Adeika Of Eika.

History of Ehemi Clan

Ehemi Clan: This is the fourth son of Great  Adai Obaji, They are as well Sub-Divided into two which are named as Atuhuo and Ezi-Obe, These Particular Ehemi clan Can Marry Themselves as it is allowed by the Tradition, Which means, The Ezi-Atuhuo Can marry from the Ezi-Obe Clan a vice versa.

History of Egiri Clan

Egiri Clan: The Egiri Clan is the Youngest and The Last born of the Adai Obaji of Eika, They are known to have resided at Okaito in Okehi  Local Government Area Of Kogi State.

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