50 Ebira Words and Meaning (Ebira Dictionary) Vol.1

I have so much emails popping in my inbox about how people can get hold of Ebira Dictionary, and today I have come up with this article to give you at least In this article I will be going through some words in Ebira Language and will be translating it in English Language.

Before we continue first you have to look at Ebira Alphabets to know how to pronounce most of the Alphabets. i have written an article and uploaded audios on how to pronounce all of the Ebira Alphabets so click here to check it out

Ebira Alphabets in Ebira Language

A, B, CH, D, E, Ẹ, G, I, H, J, K, M, N, NGW, NYH, O, Ọ, P, R, S, Ṣ, T, U, V, W, Y, Z

Ebira Dictionary Words and English Meaning.

This Ebira Words are listed alphabetically and I will be publishing 50 Ebira Words Weekly and we will like you guys to sponsor this Ebira Words (Ebira Dictionary) to be made in Hard Cover.

Ebira WordsEnglish Meaning
A’abaniAll of it
A’aban’vabẹAll of it together
A’ahẹFun Fair (Play)
A’ahiNose (Mucus)
Abara1. Family Circle
2. Compound
AchaFowl with scattered feathers
AchiClothing Material
Achuchu200 (Two Hundred)
AdaguPond/Stagnant Water
AdangaraSelf-appraise slang in Ebiraland
AdaviLGA in Kogi State
AdawuYour Father
AdayiOur Father
AdavurukuEbira Male Name
Adeeku1. Masquerade patron
2. Ebira Male Name: A Child Born During Masquerade Festival
AdeikaEbira Clan “Adeika of Nagazi.
AdoguEbira Male Name: Especially in Wealthy Family
(Father of Property)
Adohu1. Market Male Patron
2. Ebira Male Name for a child born in the Market
AdohuejeHead of an Extended Family
Adomuha1. Father of a strong man
2. A male with huge body
AgidiboSlit Drum
Agiga1. Ribs
2. Tropical palm tree specie that have a zinc-like wide round leaf. The leaf are widely used for roofing in Ebiraland in the Olden days.
AgadaThe space between legs
Agadagidi(Eku – Irahu) – Night Masquerade Dramatic Performer
AgaganaShrub family kind of domestic plant used for healing of swollen in body and serves as adhesives
AgaraSmall species of palm tree family used for making of mats in the olden days
AgẹdẹFlat carved calabash (Ipa)
AgẹvaTown in Ebiraland
AgoTropical hardwood
Ebira Words and Meaning.

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