Name of Months and Days of the Week in Ebira Language

Are you looking for the Names of The Month in Ebira Language or Days of The Week? Well Dont Worry You Are in The Right Place. In this article you will learn the name of Months in Ebira Language, not only that oh you will also learn the days of the week all in Ebira Language and the direct meaning (what they stand for in English Language).

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Name of Months in Ebira Language

The table below shows the name of months in Ebira Language and in English Language

English Names Ebira Names
January Etudaiye
February Oyioji
Mach Iruwa
April Ireba
May Orenyhi
June Ori
July Ageva
August Engw’ome
September Opisa
October Okoruwa
November Ododo
December Obaji

Days of The Week in Ebira Language

The table below shows the days of the week in Ebira Language and in English Language

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Days in English Days in Ebira Language
Monday Osi’nyhima
Tuesday Asuvuri
Wednesday Ihiovi
Thursday Asipita
Friday Opotu
Sarturday Uhuotu
Sunday Amoto

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