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10 Most Followed People in Ebiraland on Social Medias.


10 Most Followed People in Ebiraland on Social Medias.

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As the internet remains the best place to sell out one self, and still remain a virtual world to connect with friends and families, over the years we have seen lots of people get rich through the help of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn among others, so in this article you will get to know 10 Most Followed People in Ebiraland.

One thing is sure in Nigeria, even though Ebira People are not a many as other ethnic groups in Nigeria, most especially the 3 major ethnic groups (Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo), one thing is sure, no other ethnic group in Nigeria has trends like Ebira People. Starting from 2018 down to this moment, it has been trends over trends ranging from Politics (Senatorial and Gubernatorial Election) to Flogging of Queen Nina etc. and now the leaking of nudes online.

One thing i can say for sure is that Ebiraland is a home of drama, we have actors and actresses

10 Most Followed People in Ebiraland.

So let me make this article be worth your while, below are the list of the most followed people in Ebiraland in 2021, We can as well say these people that make the list are some how the Popular People in Ebiraland today.

Please Note that my list is kind of limited to Facebook alone, the reason been that Ebira People kind of put their trends as home business which means no 3rd parties allowed.

1. Natasha Akpoti

Natasha Akpoti is a Nigerian Barrister and a Politician a controversial one, social entrepreneur and politician. She ran for the post of Kogi Central Senatorial District seat under Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the year 2019. She contested in the Kogi State Governorship election which held on the 16th of November 2019. she is from Okehi local Government of Kogi State Nigeria (Ihima), as at the time of writing this article Natasha Akpoti has a total of 117,490 of people following her on Facebook.

2. Yahaya Bello

Yahaya Bello is a Nigerian Politician, once upon a time Business Man, Yahaya Adoza Bello is the current Governor of Kogi State Nigeria, as at the time of writing this article he has the total of 99,337 people following him on Facebook.

3. Rashidat Bello (Kogi First Lady)

Rashidat Bello is the current First Lady of Kogi State Nigeria, even though she is a native of Benue State but her husband is Anebira so i will consider her Ebira Woman, as the time of my writing Rashidat Bello has the total number of 62,424 followers on Facebook.

4. Ohunene Tonia

Lady Tonia Ohunene is the most popular Actress in Ebiraland, with lots of talents and a great fan base, Ohunene is considered the best thing that has ever happened to Ebira movie Industry under the production of Calabash Movie and Music Production, as at the time of writing this article, Ohunene has more than 52,936 fans following her on Facebook

5. Hon. Mario Calash

Honorable Mario Calabash is a Movie and Music Producer in Kogi State, if I am to take you through memory lane, Calabash became the first Ebira Movie producer and promoter to make it big in Ebira Movie Industry. and as far as Ebira Movie is concern Calabash is still the best in Movie production in Ebiraland. As at the time of writing this article Hon. Mario Calabash has 19,490 fans following him on Facebook alone.

6. Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza

Most Followed People in Ebiraland

Yakubu Binuyaminu is the admin of Ebira Online Media, a Software Developer and a travel Blogger. as at the time of writing this article Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza has a Total of 18,500 Followers

7. Alex Adeiza Ebira Reporters

Alex Adeiza is kind of my Role Model in the Blogging Industry, he is a blogger and the Admin of, as at the time of writing this article14,507

8. Yunique (Ozi Ori)

Yunique Ozi Ori as he is popularly call is an Ebira very controversial celebrity that has been in the game for a very long time now, he happens to be the Ebira version of Naira Marley, as some people will put it Yunique Ozi Ori can be a bad influence at some point. Yunique has been given us hit after hit an not long ago he dropped a song he titled Opoyi Poyi click here to download. Yunique Ozi Ori has 12,688 fans following him as the time of this writing

9. Hajj Ciroma

Hajj Ciroma also known as El-Rufai Okene is a Musician and a business man he is kind of very influential and really popular in the Ebira Music Industry and he has an average of 10,432 fans following him as the time of this writing.

10. Sharon Sonia

Sharon Sonia is the number one Ebira Pop musician and one of the most influential and controversial artist in Kogi State as at the time of Writing this article Sharon Sonia Which is also known as Okene Diva has an average of 10,232 fans following her on Facebook alone.

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