Top 20 Ebira Native Names And Meaning For A Girl Child

Ebira Native Names And Meaning For A Girl Child

I have written articles on Ebira Names and their meanings, but in this post i will be talking about Ebira Native Names that are peculiar to Girl Child Alone, I have also written article on 7 Ebira Native Predestined Names and their meanings, you can check it out also.

In my previous article i spoke about Ebira People’s Cultural Concept of Naming Ceremony where I analyzed the Ebira Cultural Ways of naming their children in the Olden Days.

Below i will share the names and i will point out few out of it with explanations please sit tight.

Ebira Native Names And Meaning For Girls

Ebira Native NamesMeaning in English
Oyiza (Oiza)Goodness
Isoyiza (Isoiza)A Good Thing
AsimiIf am given
OmayiozaBorn for Humanity
OmetereThe Doer of Good
OvayiozaKind Hearted Child
OnonoBeautiful one
OhuneneCalm One
OnozasiThe People’s Child
OrahachiBorn into Favor (Wealth Home)
AazeIf Allowed
AnangureyiThe Popular One
OrengwuThe Soft One
OkoivoThe Fat One
OremeyiThe One I Love
OzohuHuman is the best
OziohuChild is the best gift
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The above names are just 20 in number, if you have any addition or suggestion please include it in the comment section. Also share with your friends below.

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