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Top 7 Ebira Musical Instruments (ENYA AHE).


Top 7 Ebira Musical Instruments (ENYA AHE).

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Ebira Musical Instruments

Ebira Musical Instruments: In Ebira language, When a word is said you don’t need to overstress yourself before you know the meaning, the word “Ebira” stands for character, While the word Anebira means of good character. This is just an example, this article is about Ebira Musical Instruments.

When we talk about culture, customs, and tradition, Everyone irrespective of religion has its own customs and tradition as well as culture. I haven’t come across any ethnic group or culture, Every ethnic group always honor their culture with both hands and respect it to the core, but our is somehow lacking.

In this article, you will learn the Musical Instrument (ENYA AHE) been used in the olden days in Ebira traditional music.

This traditional Musical instrument is been used in events such as ONYIMURUWE, ANUVA, OKONO, IKEDE, ICHEKENE, EKU ECHI, and lots more. The Instruments have been used are of a different type, ones like ‘ICHEKENE OPOMO’.

ICHEKENE OPOMO Ebira Musical Instruments

This Is inform of dry hay which a thread or rope is been used to tie it, the weavers or the makers, often put beans or ihehe inside the OPOMO stick, After all this is been done, When it is been shaken, it often produces a Nice sound. The Ichekene Opomo can be mixed or added to other musical instruments beating.


I have written an article on Agidibo here check it out Click Here, There is another important and popular musical instrument known as Aagidibo, There is a mere Different between AGHIDIBOO and AGIDIBO Both are two in number, Which have one Big and one small one.

AGHIDIBOO: This is made in a wood form and small in size, of which it has a hole, It is attached with a coca-cola cap to makes it sound interesting, When it is been beating, to make it more interesting a bottle with a nail will be joined together to produce more great sound.

AGIDIBO: This the Popular one which I believe most of us have seen or probably might have touched it, it is made of wood, it comprises of both big and small wood, when using the big stick it will trigger it to produce more aloud sound, The sound is been translated as: ‘AKKA KAVI IREYIZA, AKKA KA VI IRECHI’, The AGIDIBO Stick is of the same size.

In the Olden days (IYEYE) Before the AGIDIBO is been beaten, there will be a combination of Palm Oil (ANWE OVIVI) and Salt (ANO) which in traditional terms is been referred to as OHINE, This mixture will be Poured on the Agidibo before the beating started, The reason for the mixture is to please the gods that the beating is as a result of happiness.

The occasion on which the Agidibo can be used is.

  • It can be beaten for a king or a well reputable person.
  • It can be beaten for the announcement of the death of the king or a well responsible and reputable elderly person. (traditionist).
  • It can also be beaten for a well reputable olden and elderly masquerade.
  • Also, be beaten at the cross overnight by the end of the year.
  • It can be beaten for a newly born baby, that’s after consulting the gods.
  • Agidibo can be mostly found in the king’s palace, which is been beating as a sign of respect to the king, Also when a traditional Singer is about to start the music process, the Agidibo is been carried to the performing stage (IRESU UTA), Agidibo is often used to says a words riddles of which is only a knowledgeable one that can interpret what it means with the sounds it produces,


In the olden days, There are some knowledgeable people who have the skills of beating the Agidibo. Although everyone can beat it, Although it takes the knowledgeable one to use it more accurately, it is only women that are forbidden to beat Agidibo.


Anuva is made of local made Pot (UNOKO) of which an animal skin will be used to cover the upper part of the pot, also a very strong rope will be used to cover the pot, the pot will be put on top ARAKA (a piece of cloth been fold for the purpose of carrying a load).

Taboo Guiding ANUVA Drum

The person beating the Anuva needs to adhere to some certain rules even before touching the drum, which if neglected the drum will be broken immediately he starts the beating of the Anuva.
There are some other musical instruments that work in hand or together with Anuva, Which are as follows.

  • Igogonyi
  • Obene
  • Ahihia
  • Usse
  • Opanyi
  • Okokoro

Anuva can be beaten either at the funeral of an elderly person, it can also be beaten for celebration in ETE EBIRA. In the olden days, if a masquerade is to come out for any celebration, the Anuva must be present before the coming out if not is deemed not to be a truly reputable masquerade, and also the olden day’s musicians.


Some parts of it are made up of woods, with a well-skinned animal skin, it is been surrounded by Izenyi (A small Bell), in the process of beating the drum, the Izenyi will be adding a good sound effect, That makes it more enjoyable. Some drums are been beaten with a stick, it can be accompanied by

  • Obene,
  • Igogonyi,
  • Ahihia,
  • Okokoro,
  • Opanyi.


Opanyi (Horn) is been used in the olden days as a means of seeking the attention of the audience or a means of notifying people as the motive of calling them to order or to call them all together, Either for a meeting purpose, During this period is when our forefathers is in the farm carrying out what they are been known for, it is used to call everyone to a meeting point by the elders. it is also been used as a musical instrument that is blown to give a nice sound, it is also blown in a burial of an elderly person.
Before the starting of the blowing of the Opanyi , Red oil is been applied inside the Opanyi to make it Nice.


This type of musical instrument is not been blown by anyone, there is some specific, skillfully person to be blowing it, it is said to have two holes, It is one of the most important musical instrument that cannot be neglected.


Is a musical instrument, that is been placed in between the legs, it can be beaten during Masquerades Outing

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