20 Ebira Native Names and Meaning for Male Child (Boy)

Ebira Native Names and Meaning for a Male Child – Not long ago i released the article, Ebira Native Names and Meaning for a girl child, i have been receiving messages to release Ebira native names for boys, and in this article i am giving you 20 Ebira Native Names for male child.

Choosing a name for your son is one of the best things that happens to people that are becoming parents, their are some kinds of charm in naming boys that no one can ever over look.

Ebira Native Names and meaning for a male child
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I am always proud of my Native Ebira Name Adeiza (Father of all givers) . Though God is the Father of All Givers, but that name always push me to give people that are in need.

Now you will believe what they say about the meaning of the names you give to your children will often follow them. That is why we need to be careful of how we choose names for our children

Are you looking for a beautiful and meaningful Ebira native names for a male child? if yes then this article is for you I have also written article about Ozi Ireha (Ebira Predestined names).

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Ebira Native Names and Meaning for a Male Child

Ebira Names and MeaningMeaning in English
AdeizaFather of giver
OnimisiThe one I love
OmeizaThe giver
AdekuFather of masquerade
AdohuHead of market (Child born in the Market)
OnuwojiThe adviser
AsipitaChild of history
AdavizeFather of wealth
AnatakuMan of all people
AjozeThe one standing on the road (Child born on the roadside)
AdomuhaThe capable man
AdabaraHead of the house
AduvoFather of hands
AdinoyiThe protector
AdavirukuThe heir
AjinomoRemembering the Ajinomo war
AhoviAnswer to prayer
OmuyaThe Hero

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