Iyewe Clan of Ebiraland and Relationship with UVA (Monitor Lizard).

Iyewe Clan of Ebiraland – To associate animals with a particular clan is not strange in Ebira land as there are several clans in ebiraland that that is been referenced to some certain animal, for example, the Ezi Ede (Cray Fish), Ezi Udu (Lion), and lots more, but in this article, we will be focusing on The Aniyewe Clan of Ebira, the relationship of Aniyewe and Uva (monitor lizard) is beyond the mere relationship.

Iyewe Clan of Ebiraland
Iyewe Clan of Ebiraland

The Iyewe Clan Of Ebiraland Mostly Reside In Kuroko in Adavi Local Government of Kogi state And also in Eika Ohizenyi In Okehi Local Government Of the State Which is still withing Ebiraland. 

Uva Which is been Called monitor lizard In English is the Iyewe clan’s totemic animal. They consider it as one of their gods.

Iyewe Clan of Ebiraland.

It was narrated that, long ago while Adayi Iyewe and his children were escaping from enemies during War, they came to a point where they can’t run further and the enemies were fast approaching them. Suddenly they sight a big hole but at the entrance of the hole is lying a big monitor lizard.

 But out of despair, Adayi Iyewe cried for help, to the surprise of Iyewe and his children, the big monitor lizard walked away from the entrance while they without hesitation take refuge in the hole. The monitor lizard came back to block the entrance again while they have all entered.

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 Upon the enemies’ arrival, they couldn’t believe that peoples can be hidden in that hole because of the presence of the monitor lizard, they thought, people would have chased or kill the innocent reptile if they are to take refuge in the hole, so they go away.

 Since then, Iyewe sees this magical animal as a God sent and therefore forbids his descendants from killing and eating this animal. Of which if you are a true born or blood of the said Clan and due to stubbornness you killed the animal, a great repercussion awaits you from the Gods

 They still maintain that relationship to date.

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