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20 Ebira Most Famous People Throughout History (2021 Edition)


20 Ebira Most Famous People Throughout History (2021 Edition)

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 I have compiled some list back in the days on the top most popular Ebira people in history, then I can say that it was not as accurate, as I want to be, so that prompted me to write a new edition that I called the 2021 edition.

Being famous comes with lots of sacrifices, being popular can restrict your movements, depriving you of the liberty to go anywhere whenever you feel like or wanted to. Also being famous is awesome and a good thing, depending the area the fame is coming from, is it a positive popularity or a negative one so it depends on those two factors.

So in this article I will mentioning people from various fields, ranging from religion, to politics, to entertainment etc.

Top Famous People in Ebiraland. 

I will be picking people at random so it doesn’t matter if they are arranged in hierarchy oh how popular they are or the time of their reigns. Without further ado, let’s get into the listing of the most famous people in Ebiraland (2021 Edition).

  1. Obege (Herbalist)
  2. HRM. Atta Ibrahim Onoruoyiza (first paramount ruler of the Ebira Tao Race).
  3. HRM. Sanni Omolori (Second paramount ruler of Ebira Tao Race).
  4. HRH. Ado Ibrahim (present paramount ruler of Ebiraland) – may the king lives long.
  5. Late Alhaji Adamu Atta (First Executive Governor of Kwara State)
  6. Late Seidat Baliqis (Islamic Leader)
  7. Late Imam Galadima (Ebira Chief Imam)
  8. Late Salawu Ofelele (Musician)
  9. Late Diyo Ozi Niger (Musician)
  10. Late Madam Idris Onyieche (musician)
  11. Late Yusuf Ehebe (Musician)
  12. Late Alhaji MO Onukoko (Musician)
  13. Late Otandi Ogaminana (Musician)
  14. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello (Politician – Executive Governor of Kogi State)
  15. Barrister Natasha Akpoti (Business Tycoon and a Politician)
  16. Adayi Ajoze (Actor)
  17. Onyai Anavami (Actress)
  18. Yunique Ozi Ori (Musician)
  19. Sharon Sonia (Musician)
  20. Ohunene (Actress and Musician)

Responses (7)

  1. The list is not complete without late Alhaji adeku okengwe, he’s even the king of those musicians you mentioned.

  2. Intact without Alh Sule Adeku,ur list is incomplete because he made undefeatable land mark in Ebirra music.

  3. That’s great bro , please try to be taken time for proofreading, to avoid grammatical error or typical error.
    You’re doing awesome job here please
    Keep it up.

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