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Clans In EbiralandEbira History

All You Need To Know About Ebira People of Nigeria


All You Need To Know About Ebira People of Nigeria

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Ebira people are an ethno-linguistic tribe in Nigeria which are predominant in Kogi State (the central part of Kogi State). Some Ebira People can also be found in Kwara State, Zamfara State (Ebira Toto) and Edo State (Ebira Etuno) etc. Their are two different Ebira People in Kogi State which are Ebira Koton and Ebira Tao. Okene is said t be the headquarters of the Ebira People.

What is the Origin of the Ebira?

Ebira Tao of Okene in Kogi State is the largest of all the Ebira race in about 8 states they dominated in Nigeria. 
Some elderly historians, through word of mouth have been able to trace the Ebira people’s origin to Wukari (in the present Taraba State, Northern part of Nigeria) we were an integral part of the Kwararafa confederation as the time. In about 1680 AD, our forefathers (along with the Idoma tribe and Igala tribe) migrated ofrom Taraba state over a chieftaincy dispute. Ebira people later split into various groups, and later settled in differet part of the country till today. The Ebira Tao in another word settled alongside Igala tribe at Idahbut later crossed the river niger to settle at Opete (Ebira Opete) this Ebira Opete is located at Upake vicinity of Ajaokuta Local Government Area (thesame LGA that housed the largest Iron Ore Producing Company in Africa.
The leader of Ebira Tao as that time was Itaazi he was the one that led some Ebira People to this premier settlement in Ebiraland. Itaazi had 6 children who all later migrated from Ebira Opete and were the founders of the various districts in Ebiraland. 

The Children of Itaazi

  • Adaviruku/Ohizi (Adavi), 
  • Ododo (Okehi), Obaji (Eyika), 
  • Uga (Okengwe) and 
  • Ochuga/Onotu (Ihima). 
  • Ohunene (Eganyi) the only daughter of Itaazi. 

The various clans in Ebiraland are descendants of the children of Itaazi see examples below; 

Ohizi, Itaazi Son 

Ohizi had five children who are the founders of the five Adavi clans named after them. 

Ohizi Children and the clans they founded 

  • Upopo-uvete (Apasi), 
  • Uka, 
  • Idu (Aniku), 
  • Adeyika 
  • Uhwami. 

Another Ebira migrant group from Eganyi known as Ezi Onogu clan is also found in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State 

Ododo’s Children and the clans they founded in Okehi

  • Okovi Oviri 
  • Enwgukonyai. 
  • Obaji (Obaji founded Eika and he had ten children)

The Children of Obaji of Eika

  1. Ohiaga, 
  2. Iyewe, 
  3. Avassa, 
  4. Ehemi, 
  5. Anchi, 
  6. Epoto, 
  7. Egiri, 
  8. Ubobo, 
  9. Ogu and 
  10. Eyire. 

Uga of Okengwe had two sons whose children constitute the present Okovi and Agada group of clans. Due to a sizeable concentration of other Ebira clans in Okengwe district, they formed a socio-political coalition known as Ada-ehi. 

The Children of Ochuga and the clans they founded in Ihima

Ochuga had six children and they all founded the clans in Ihima
  • Emani, 
  • Oha/Idu, 
  • Ohueta, 
  • Ure, 
  • Ohongwa and 
  • Odumi. 
  • Akuta (Akut a is clan that migrated from Okengwe)

Ohunene Itaazi’s Only Daughter

Itaazi’s only daughter is known as ohunene, she founded Eganyi, but not all the clans there are descended from her. 

The Clans in Eganyi 

  • Ede, 
  • Esugu, 
  • Eheda, 
  • Ogu, 
  • Onoko, 
  • Idu, 
  • Anavapa and 
  • Ogodo. 
  • Aningere (Okengwe and Adavi districts)

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