Frequently Asked Questions About Ebira People With Answers

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog, so in this article I will be sharing with you some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ebira People of Nigeria, I have set up some questionnaire throughout Abuja (the Federal Capital Territory) to know what people's curiosity about Ebira People are, so I got some feedback and I will be sharing it below.

You will be surprised about the kind of queries people searched on Google Everyday by day just to get information about what they don't know or what they are curious about, Ebira people are often time a talk of town, and lots of people really wants to get closer while some people are scaring away because of one or two things they have heard about Ebira People, and I promise I will give you the best answers today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ebira People.

What is the meaning of Ebira?

Answer: The meaning of Ebira is Behaviour. some people will tell you good behaviour but that is actually wrong because the word Behaviour in a person can be classified into positive and negative, so is either someone has a good behaviour or a bad one. But I think the logical way people say Ebira meaning is Good Behaviour is because, saying someone has behaviour in some African dialect eg. Yoruba without adding the Good or Bad, means Good Behaviour automatically, I have to Annalise it for the sake of people that doesn't know before.

Which Clan is the King of Ebiraland?

The current king of Ebiraland is Ozi-udu by clan and he is from sub clan of Aniku Bodiri also known as Abara

Is Ebira a Language?

Yes Ebira is Language spoken by millions of people known as Ebira People in Nigeria.

Where did Ebira People Originated from?

Ebira people originally originated from the East and entered into Nigeria through the lake chad

Who is the King of Ebiraland?

As at the time of writing this post the king of Ebiraland is Ado Ibrahim and he has his palace in Okene (Kogi State Central) Nigeria.

Who is the richest man in Ebiraland?

This question is one of those questions I have written about in the past you can checkout the article i wrote about the top 5 Richest Men in Ebiraland, but to answer the question, Aliyu Abubakar is the richest man in Ebiraland, he is the chairman and the founder of AA Oil Limited, he is worth $500,000,000 he is from Ihima, Okehi Local Government of Kogi State.

What is God in Ebira Language?

Now this is a logic question, as the person asking the question with oral expression might be talking about god and not God, the thing is it is pronounce spelled the same way in English Language only that the proceeding letters differs.
The meaning of God in Ebira language is Ohomorihi, while the meaning of god in Ebira Language is Ori, as in deity.

What is the meaning of Beauty in Ebira Language?

Beauty in Ebira Language means Uzoza,