How Much Salary is Enough To Live A Comfortable Life in Ebiraland

Living a comfortable life in Ebiraland is easy to those that knows their ways out, believe me when I say that Money has value in Ebiraland (Kogi Central) compare to other places I have lived in Nigeria, Give someone 1,000 naira today and see how they will value it.

Another plus is the fact that house rents is very very cheap in Ebiraland compare to other places in Kogi State, so it depends on the kind of work you do though. Living comfortably has to do with the kind of house you are living in, your ability to settle your bills, and your ability to take care of your responsibilities either with your immediate family or extended family members.

Some one once asked me if it is ideal to rent a house of ₦250,000 on ₦80,000 salary, I was shocked that someone can actually ask such question in the first place but I have to answer it.

Answer To The Problem.

As my boss at work will say; Never rent a house that takes more than 3 months of your salary, in the question above ₦250,000 is already more than 3 months of his salary lets do the calculations below:

₦80,000 X 12 months = 960,000 in a year.

₦960,000 / ₦250,000 = 3.8 Months

With the result above it clearly shows that he will spend nothing less than 4 months salary approximately on house rent alone, that is very bad for business, considering the state the country is in now.

Best Solutions to The Problem.

If going for a house that costs ₦250,000 is what you really wants to go for then this is your best chance at achieving that.
You have to save up 30% of your salary monthly, the 30% of  ₦80,000 is;
₦80,000 / 100 = 800
₦800 x 30% = ₦24,000

So the 30% of ₦80,000 is ₦24,000
Saving ₦24,000 multiply by 12 months = ₦288,000
If you can keep up with my calculations it means you will be able to meet up with your house rent and still have some change left with you for upkeep.

Now back to the topic of how much salary is enough for a comfortable life in Ebiraland. As i have said earlier, living a comfortable life depends on some factors that I have mentioned above so. I will say living a comfortable life in Ebiraland, your salary should be ₦150,000 above.