Class Outliness

*Wesite Design.*

Simple Meaning - Website design has to do with designing of interfaces you see whenever you visit any website, the buttons forms you fill online are all the work of website designers.

Webb designers are often refered to as Frontend developers, this is because they handle everything you see on your screen, colors and texts and overall display of the website.

Salary Scale of FrontEnd Developers in Nigeria range from N50,000 to N500,000 depending on how good you are and the company employing you.

*Website Development*

Simple Meaning - Website development has to do with the interactions on a website, if you click a button on any website, and it performs an action, website developers are the onces responsible for the functionalities. When you fill a form online, Web developers are the once that handle how the form will be submited and the receiver will receive it.

Web Developers are often refered to as Backend Developers, because they handle everything that happens behind the scene the users dont really know what is goin on they just use the website.

Salary Scale of BackEnd Developers in Nigeria range from N70,000 to N700,000 depending on how good you are and the company employing you.

You can conbine the two and be a full stack Website Developer - Salary range is from 100k upward.

So what we will be learning first is Frontend Development

*WordPress Developer.*

Wordpress is a content management system for developing websites without touching any code, with wordpress you can design any type of website with drag and drop. Wordpress needs learning, and its a very lucrative business today in the IT world.

Websites like Naijaloaded was developed using Wordpress, Website like Dangote Group's Website was developed using wordpress.

- You can develop blog sites like Naijaloaded with wordpress

- Companies website  Banking, furniture or any industry

- Social Network website like facebook 

- Forums etc

The Salary of a Wordpress Developer in Nigeria range from 40,000 to 200,000

*UI/UX Designer.*

A UI/UX Designer is a person that design the Interface of a Website or an Application before a Web Designer turn it into code or bring it to life, they design how the whole site will look with the help of softwares like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Figma, Adobe XD.

I will be teaching you guys how to do it with FIGMA.

A very good Example is this photo design i will attach below.

Salary in Nigeria is N50,000 to N400,000

*Mobile App Development*

Mobile App Developers are the highest payed developers in the game but it required a lot of work, and you have to choose which platform you are developing for, either Android or IOS (iPhone, IPad, Apple Watch etc)

Salary range from 150k to 1Million naira you can be paid higher

but i am not a mobile App developer yet so i have little knowledge about it, i wont be mentoring anyone on Mobile App Development, You can get a teacher for it.


Here is the quick money making aspect of IT, Blogging is the act of owning a blog site, a typical example is or or Naijaloaded.

You share articles with your audience about either what you are persionate about or what you know how to do, for example i started Ebira Online Because i love to write About Ebira Histories and Culture.

I will be posting this whole tutorial on my blog later so that other people can learn from there.

What can you blog about?

- Finance

- Music

- Culture

- Tech

- Food

- Make Up

Just anything