Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is the son of the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in Kogi Central, Kogi State, HRH Dr Ado Ibrahim.

Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim was born in Nigeria, educated in the UK and US and has a strong background in automobile.

Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim is the CEO and Chairman of Nigus Enfinity, a company in collaboration with BYD of China . He is famous for his role in the F1 design.

The Nigerian born prince who has been involved in the automotive sector since early 1990s had worked with Proton and Lotus and helped them developed the position of Lotus by the Malaysian government on 1999.

He was the first black man to work in Formula 1 and also worked for Hyundai for 6 years. Since he left Formula 1, no black man has been able to replace him in Formula 1.

His father, Ohinoyi of Ebirland is the first man from Nigeria to drill from Nigeria soil, and became the pioneer of such business.

In automobile, Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim has been able to move from production side to the racing side. He is a personal race-car driver.

In late 2000s, he became an United Nations Under Secretary for renewable energy. It was then he began to focus on renewable solar, hybrid, and started looking at the possible ways to develop non-hydro carbons based global economy.

He is the one behind the construction of 100megawatts power station in Kastina State from solar and also the building of 100megawatts in Adamawa which go directly into the grid.

In 2016, his company, Nigus Enfinity, did the first solar show in NNPC and NNPC helped pushed the agenda of Nigus Enfinity of exposing renewables to the Nigerian market and was successful at the end. Since then, Nigus Enfinity has been involved in renewable projects in South Africa and in the UAE.

As developed countries like UK and France declared their intention to go off hydro carbon by 2040, there would be no more hydro-carbon energized cars, as internal combusting engines will be no more; he has declared his readiness to flood Nigerian market with electric cars anytime soon.

In one of his interviews, Prince Malik Ibrahim-Ado decried that Africa is blessed with abundant sunshine yet suffering from energy deficient adding that the question he is always faced is ‘how do you want to get energy for electric cars when you don’t have electricity for your homes.’

He disclosed that electric cars can be powered by batteries charged by either conventional power or through storage system that are storing power from solar.

He added that his company will be providing charging stations across the country for the electric cars once they are shipped into the country.

The Prince disclosed that his company is collaborating with Chinese giant company, BYD which is arguably the largest producer of electric cars in the World.

He noted that his company is collaborating with BYD for one reason, because they produce the cheapest electric cars in the world.

According to him, there is an opportunity for Nigeria and Africa to be the next frontier of electric vehicles, adding that he want to set Nigeria at that cutting edge.

He disclosed in one of his interviews that his company will start an assembly plant in Nigeria this year and assemble Nigerian branded electric vehicles with all the modern accruement.

He said, “we are also working with BYD to get a local brand and start an electric vehicle assembly plant for Nigeria from 2022. Gradually we will move to an EV with the African DNA starting in Nigeria,” Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim said.

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