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Nothing Like Prince Ado YPP only GYP2PYB – Hajj Ciroma


Nothing Like Prince Ado YPP only GYP2PYB – Hajj Ciroma

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Hajj Ciroma is a well known Musician in Ebiraland, quite popular for his music while some people regards him as the youth ambassador.

We recently reported that the Prince of Ebiraland (Prince Malik Ado), made his intentions known publicly about the up and coming Nigeria Presidential election in 2023. Read full details here

The Musician turn politicians aide took to his Facebook timeline to express dissatisfaction about the Prince’s intention to run for Presidential seat in 2023.

His exact words: Dey don start again ooo
Which one be YPP Ado son shcgjfyXvTcggd Mtswee.

Make una join hand support GYB2PYB

With the system of politics in Kogi Central one can say that, it’s obvious the Prince Malik’s intention to run for President will not sit well with some people, since Yahaya Bello is running why will the Prince declare his intention to run for the same seat? Forgetting this I not Ebira Agenda.

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