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Adavi LG Chairman Pacifies Aggrieved Former APC Exco, Calls For Continued Loyalty To Party


Adavi LG Chairman Pacifies Aggrieved Former APC Exco, Calls For Continued Loyalty To Party

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The executive chairman of Adavi local government council, Kogi state, Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami, has appealed to former executives of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the area to remain calm and committed to the party.

Salami made the appeal during a parley with aggrieved APC members on Monday.

The former party executive members were aggrieved because unlike other local governments where their contemporaries were reaffirmed to continue in office during the last APC LG and Ward congresses, they were replaced.

The former executive members who had been working tirelessly for the progress of the party were replaced without genuine reasons. They have been lamenting and felt their loyalty to the party was not rewarded, according to the instruction of the party leader, Governor Yahaya Bello.

According to them, they have never for once disobeyed, disappointed nor have they placed their personal interest above the ruling party and the overall leader of the APC in the state, Alh. Yahaya Bello.

The council boss counseled the over 100 aggrieved former executive members of APC to keep working for the progress of the party in their various wards and join hands with those who had been inaugurated as the new Excos of the party across their various wards.

“I want to you to remain focused, and be looking up to His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello who truly knows the true definition of loyalty. I know how you feel, and I can assure you all that you are not going to regret being loyal to the party and our leader, Governor Yahaya Bello.

“I must stand to acknowledge your efforts even during our hard times. Your contributions in one way or the other have made positive impacts on the success of the party which has also helped us to achieve the tremendous success that we have recorded so far in APC. I  thank God that with the effort of His Excellency, we have overcome so many difficulties together in the past, and I am very optimistic greater things await you. 

“There is no faction in APC, as long as I remain the chief security officer of the local government and the leader of APC in the grassroots. We are all under Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s canopy, and I will continue to protect the interest of the ruling party in my domain.

“Like I always say; God is always with the patient ones. Keep doing what you have been doing, and don’t relent your efforts,” he appealed. 

The aggrieved former party executives agreed to remain calm and reaffirmed their support for the progress of the ruling party, regardless of their circumstances.

“Our minds are at rest now, and we believe in our Chairman, he is a man of his words and hopefully as he has said, we hope to see positive feedback and greater opportunities”, they gladly concluded.

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