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Four Years, Still Counting, Midspecial Concepts Unveil 2021 Polo Itinochi


Four Years, Still Counting, Midspecial Concepts Unveil 2021 Polo Itinochi

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Polo Itinochi

úséé and ágídíbö inspired new edition Committed and consistent in the annual redefinition and teaching of Ebira Culture through fashion and design, Midspecial Concepts has unveiled the most anticipated POLO ITINOCHI for the year 2021.

The designs come in sweatshirts, polo t-shirt, hats and shorts. From the team at Midspecial Concepts, “the new designs were insoired by two Ebira Traditional percussion instruments, úséé and ágídíbö, to inculcate the myths and history on the new generation.

The Relevance of ÚSÉÉ AND ÁGÍDÍBÖ to Ebira Culture As outlined by Onimisi Gabriel Okehi, in the olden days, Ágidibó which is made from wood is used to disseminate information from the King to the people. The sound of it which is usually in the evening, arrest people’s attention, everywhere will become quiet because they know with the sound comes an important message from the King.

The night masquerade use it to control the singing fans. Once it sounds, it indicates the masquerade is set to take on a new song, such that everyone gets quiet and the drummer stops beating. In Ikede, a more encompassing Ebira musical outing, it’s beaten at an interval of ending a track. Also, the day masquerades uses it to announce the oncoming masquerade.

When I was a kid, if I heard the sound of ÚSÉÉ, I can deduce which masquerade was coming. Most of the popular masquerades have their unique way of sounding the ÚSÉÉ.Other masquerades that use it are Eku’Ahete, among others.

ÁGÍDÍBÖ is an important instrument of coronation , When a new king is to be coronated the ÁGÍDÍBÖ is one of the instrument they use to announce that such important program is on going. For Ekuechi, the first thing that must be heard before the Ekuahete ,akatapa and any other aagadagidi is ÁGÍDÍBÖ. Naturally no masquerade must come out not even ekuahete until ÁGÍDÍBÖ is played. It announced the commencement of the festival. It’s also use in Ikede, Night Masquerade uses it too. The importance of ÁGÍDÍBÖ is key in our culture.

(Credit: Onimisi Gabriel Okehi – 2021)

The distinctive beauty of our Culture comes from this little things that we tend to be neglecting.As we promised, Midspecial Concepts will continue to leverage on modern fashion design to promote our beautiful culture to the world.

It is our responsibility to preserve our rich culture for our children and that is why you have to buy this Polo Itinochi for yourself and your family, it will go a long way to remind them about their Culture, Our Heritage, Our Pride.

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