Ebira women are the calabash upon which the pride of men are kept, they are the sunshine whose ray dries tears and it memories.

Ebira women are the ocean of wisdom upon which resilience, virtue, trust and undiluted love and blessings are tapped.
They are the hand whose meal never go sour.

Few among many whose warmth womb shelter kings and queens, their unspoken prayers rule the world of man.

Ebira women are the success stories generations finds worthy of emulation,
the one whose wine taste heavenly.
They are the only missing source of any uncompleted resourceful man.

Ebira woman are the beauty queens whose ray ends darkness in every tunnel.
They are the best species of human’s description of humane in all entirety

They are the River that travel miles through mountains and Vally to nurture stems of future hope.
Ebira women are Rivers of blessings whose smiles knows no bounds.

Ebira woman are the shields that protect men from shame and lead them to fame.
They are the moon in every man’s life, their presence brings forth joy and happiness that consumes misfortune.

Ebira women are the priceless compliment any man could ever ask for.
They are fearless, Godly, resilience, and bold.

Ebira women are Barr. Natasha Akpoti, the noble laureate who scares lions even in their pavilion.
MARIAM BAKO, Ahete Obanyi whose blessings speaks in the language only the future understands.
MERCY JOHNSON Okojie, a paragon of beauty and the creative goddess of the world.
BLACK EESH, The map to spot in the temple of sport and beauty of the black.
SAEEDAT BILIKISU, The iconic badge of honor and religion crusaders.

NOTE : this poem is inspired by the great work of Ebira women since time immemorial. I understand there are names which are expected to be included but are not there now, it will all be included before we produce the visual format of this poetry.

Ebira women are priceless.

Copyright and credits goes to : Leco-360 Media.

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