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Top 10 Celebrities in Ebiraland in 2021


Top 10 Celebrities in Ebiraland in 2021

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Celebrities in Ebiraland
Celebrities in Ebiraland

Coming to the end of the year 2021, we at Ebira Online Media decided to give you the to 10 lists in Ebiraland, starting from the top 10 celebrities in Ebiraland.

On this list we will be considering trends, status, fan base, hit projects and so on, so that the list can be a complete one, I borrowed idea from my old post from 2016.

Top 10 Celebrities in Ebiraland

This article is dedicated to the late celebrities in Ebiraland from Ikede Musicians down to Djs, may their souls rest in peace.

Yunique Ozi Ori

1. Yunique Ozi Ori Musician & Rapper

Yunique Ozi Ori is toping our list because he is worth it, 2021 favours Yunique greatly, Yunique has always been a controversial musician and a hit maker, his wedding with Sharon Sonia was talk of the town back then, they made a great couple. The Opoyi Poyi crooner won the award of the best Rapper in just concluded KCAward organized by the Office of the SSA in Entertainment in Kogi Central to the Kogi State Government. Yunique is by far the most popular Ebira Indigenous Rapper for now.

Hit Records from Yunique Ozi Ori in 2021

  • Opoyi Poyi
  • DBB
  • Pakurumo
  • Suku Suku etc
Sharon Sonia

2. Sharon Sonia

Sharon Sonia is married to Yunique Ozi Ori, it is like Star Boy Marrying Star Girl, Ebiraland was hot during there wedding, Sharon Sonia has always been a controversial Musician just like her husband and has always been making headline. The Musician turned onoku is widely known for her musical talents and hustle. Sharon Sonia is currently the most popular Ebira Female Musician for now.

Hit Records From Sharon Sonia in 2021

  • Bakuruba
  • Irepa
  • Enyene Anebira
  • Girl Child
Hi Speed

3. Hi Speed

Hi Speed is a big name in the industry, he is not controversial but he is the talk of town, he is known widely for his talent, Hi Speed Music has been featured on Naijaloaded and has also made wave on Guardians Newspaper website, so far Hi Speed hold the number one spot in those Musicians trying their best to make it to the limelight, he promotes his projects well.

After he lost his brother and singing partner to the cold hands of death about two years ago, Hi-Speed’s music career experienced a lull that silenced him for a while but the singer said the sober moment was necessary to mourn his good brother and friend.

Hi Speed has been seen on projects with the likes of Faze, Ice Prince and Jumabee.

Hit Records from Hi Speed

  • Everything Good
  • Winner
  • Go Down etc
King Dreez

4. King Dreez (Musician and Professional Fashion Designer)

King Dreez changed the narrative, he took over Igboro, he get doings. Dreeze shows the whole Ebiraland that you can actually make it if your hustle is sure, you don’t need to wait for any politician to take over. the One Call crooner is a strong supporter of Natasha Akpoti and he is one of the Best Rappers Ebiraland ever has.

Mr Calabash & Gov. Bello

5. Hon Mario (Calabash)

Mr Calabash is an award winning movie producer in Ebiraland, he recently got appointed as the SSA in Entertainment in Kogi Central to the Kogi State Government and he is doing well for himself, the calabash family are one of the finest Ebira Movie Group in Ebiraland.

6. Hajj Ciroma

Hajj Ciroma is a musical artist, widely know for his angelic voice and controversial music, Ciroma and Yunique were best of friends before they have dispute, caused by something known to them only. You can say he is a youth ambassador. He is always trending, he is also doing well for himself.

7. Hajjo Okinimo (Actress, Musician)

Hajjo Okinimo always takes the lead actress in most Ebira Movies from the Calabash Family, Okinimo is a multi talented actress as she is both good in acting and singing. Hajjo okinimo made it in the 7th position for trends in year 2021.

8. Lady T Ohunene (Actress, Musician & Business Woman)

The first lady in Ebira People’s Entertainment – Lady Tonia is so far the most followed Ebira Actress in Ebiraland, with a whooping 75k plus followers on Facebook alone. She is a multi talented Actress , musician and a business woman, she has suspended her acting and singing career for sometimes now yet she is still very very relevant in the industry.

9. Omehi Sabdat Peters (Business Woman)

Mrs. Omehi Sabdat Peters trended on the go when she bought diamond wrist watches worth about 35 Million naira, to celebrate her husband birthday click here to read, Omehi and her husband Leonard Peters Omuya, are always the talk of town, she made the top 9 position of our list in 2021 Top Celebrities in Ebiraland.

10. 2 Rich & Zee Rich.

2Rich is a popular musician in Ebiraland and has always been a relevant artist, He has been seen with the likes of Yunique Ozi Ori, Hajj Ciroma etc. 2Rich and Zee Rich are couple and they are both in the music business.

Celebrity NameOccupation
Yunique Ozi OriMusician & Actor
Sharon SoniaMusician
Hi SpeedMusician
King DreezMusician & Business Man
Hon. Mario CalabashMovie Producer
Hajj CiromaMusician
Hajjo OkinimoActress & Musician
Lady T OhuneneActress & Business Woman
Omehi Sabdat PetersBusiness Woman
2 Rich & Zee RichMusician

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  1. I find it difficult to download MP3 Audios and Videos of Our great talented Musicians and Actress, Especially Lady T. Ohunene Songs.

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