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City Boys Are Coming To Okene To Steal Your Girlfriends – An Open Letter


City Boys Are Coming To Okene To Steal Your Girlfriends – An Open Letter

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There is this mentality in some people based home (Ebiraland), this applies to everyone in every other part of Nigeria though, about people living in the cities like the FCT, PH or Lagos State Nigeria, it’s almost blinding people of what values of life really is.

People tend to think that when you live in cities like the above mentioned, it’s an automatic ticket to greatness, Richie’s and wealth, by the hearing of I work in Lagos or Abuja automatically you are a rich man.

Even when guys from these so called cities are not the womanizing types, girls tend to make advances towards them.

As a struggling EBIRA youngster living in Okene, when your girlfriend started giving you attitude and excuses of how tight their schedules are in meeting with you guys arrangements on anything this period of the year, just know that you might be loosing her to one of the city Boys.

My advice, instead of fighting over a girl that’s ready to trade your relationship with based in the city status, why don’t you hustle so that you can be irreplaceable, regardless where the city or abroad boys are coming from?

We have so many people based home that are doing far better than people living in the cities. Don’t let anyone intimidate you with a whole one year savings, you better wise up.

But Las Las Sha! Na girls wey no follow City Boys go, we go marry. 🌝

Signed: Concerned Brother 🥴

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