Bullying is often defined as an aggressive, intentional act or behaviour that is carried out by a group or an individual repeatedly over time and space, against a victim who cannot defend himself or herself, even when they can defend themselves.

Cyberbullying, on the other hand, is a form of bullying that has recently become more apparent as the use of electronic gadgets continues to expand. Here, it is defined as the intentional use of the internet and social media platforms to degrade, demean, belittle and embarrass another person. It employs electronic forms of contact and can take many forms that include, but are not limited to, unwanted trolls, sharing of unwelcome content, sexual harassment or threats of sexual violence, such as threats of rape, cyberstalking, body shaming, sending or publishing or sharing of nude pictures, death threats, hate speech, and professional sabotage with the aim of stripping someone of their sexual or personal integrity.

The emerging trends throughout the world is cyberbullying (the use of the internet and/or mobile technology to harass, intimidate or cause harm to another person) this was initiated by the Natasha Akpoti supporters in Ebiraland, they go from intimidating and threatening people with police arrest and court case all because their god mother is a barrister and they know a few people in power and in position of authority.

Cyberbullying and online harassment that have wrecked lives, caused deep pain and bring hurt to millions of online users, destroyed relationships, and affected people’s integrity, health, well-being and career development. It is increasingly becoming apparent that cyberspaces have become violent and ungovernable civic spheres. This is what Natasha Akpoti supporters are playing with all in the name of

Natasha Akpoti always claim that the sitting Governor of Kogi State is found of funding thugs and buying weapons for them, where as she surround herself with cyber bullies, these people bully others online just to catch fun, they call it dragging, table shaking and vawulense among all, forgetting the fact that this people have emotions too, they have families and friends.

Is cyberbullying supposed to be coming from the people that called themselves angels of hope?

A question for Natasha Akpoti!

Recently there was an issue online which I will not want to get into details on, where a particular supporter of Natasha Akpoti (this person call himself Citizen Nagaziman) invaded the privacy of a young man, he posted this young man’s private phone number online which resulted to unending phone calls and hate text messages, this is an act that should be punishable under the Nigeria constitution, I don’t know much about Nigeria constitution though.

This issue started because he bullied some ladies just because they are not Natasha Akpoti’s supporters, just one out of many.

Another cyberbully is called Blessing Ahuoyiza which literally called out the same Youngman’s parent failure, this is the same lady that has issue with Reno Omokiri, that the whole Nigeria sees how much hatred people have for her because she has bullied so many people that even she has lost count, i guess that is what she’s been paid to do.

Another cyberbully in Natasha cycle is Hadizatruth, I should not say much about her let me share with you what someone says about her below.

Now that it has not gotten to the point of people taking their lives, I guess Natasha will call her followers to order.

My post is not cantered at trolling anyone, but to correct and prevent a ticking bomb from blasting, because I have had a taste of bully in the past, and I know how it feels to be a victim, we have seen and heard news of people committing suicide all over the world just because online trolls say bad things about them or body shame them.

This is just an open letter to Natasha Akpoti to call her followers to order, you’ve build a good profile for yourself, don’t spoil it with, cyberbully buddies. everyone has gadget and we can all retaliate by bringing each other online but we will never do that as we a strong advocate of #SayNoToCyberbully.

Just in case you don’t know, I have written about the top most influential people in Ebiraland and Natasha toped my list, so no one should even think that, I have written this because i am not her supporter.

Drop your comments below and share if you #SayNoToCyberbully.

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