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Ebira Youths Reacted As Pictures of Zubair Amoka’s Son With Bad Hairstyle Was Shared


Ebira Youths Reacted As Pictures of Zubair Amoka’s Son With Bad Hairstyle Was Shared

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In a post shared by one Mr. Jeff Pulley Facebook user in a Facebook Group (Lifting Yunique Ozi-Ori To D WORLD) it clearly shows that the young man which is said to be Zubair Amoka’s son is keeping hair which he converted into Afro/Koko Wave hairstyle, this doesn’t sit well with people, as the same man trying to correct Okene youths cant even control his own immediate family (son), people reacted badly and at the same time shared their opinions, See picture below.

People’s Reactions below

He even looks like yahoo boy self

Sophia Ibrahim

Hustle hard make some cash and that bastard will honour you, he only torments the poor

Ismaila Habib Adeiza

My advice.. Pak your hair when he cut them.. E get why…

Aisha Zubair

Pick up all your hair if you fall victim, hmmmmm my people be wise

Aminat Anakobe

Charity begins at home

Mhiz Ohindasi Obanyi Zeco

The man is mad let Ebira Youths stand up and fight for their right

Momoh Musa

This is the same man that shares the videos of victims online for people to see, It’s just so crazy how people leave their wounds untreated, but trying to look like hero outside. If you want to fight drugs intake in Ebiraland, it is Ok, fight kidnapping, and thuggery in the land. I am definitely sure we will all stand up to help the cause, but stepping on peoples right, on the choice of hairstyle is definitely wrong, which his son has proven to the world that he is not competent of the job given to him.

Video of Okene Youths Getting Barbed in Public

A comrade stated in an article, that his act is wrong, but he still continues with the public disgrace of cutting dreadlocks and tinted hairstyles all around Okene Local Government Area.

The only job given to you is to represent the people of Okene Local Government, that is the only job, do it right and stop wasting energies and the State’s resources on cutting of dreadlocks Mr. Zubair Amoka!

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