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Situation Report: About The Masquerade Clashes In Kuroko (Eku Needs to be Regulated)


Situation Report: About The Masquerade Clashes In Kuroko (Eku Needs to be Regulated)

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So yesterday 30th of December 2021 there was a masquerade clash in Kuroko which spread all the way to Inoziomi, it was later settled at Inoziomi though. So What Really Happened?

There is this burial ceremony ongoing in Kuroko (Kuroko is a town in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State), So in Ebiraland, burial ceremony is among the events that gives masquerades the chance of outing and performing even when it is not the period of Ekuechi or Eche Ori festival, so far the person that died is a traditionalist and the family members are willing to bury the dead, the traditional way.

The families of the deceased person in Kuroko has been inviting the presence of Masquerades all around Ebiraland for performance in Kuroko, which has led to small small masquerades outing in Kuroko for some times now. In my own opinion I think the family members of the deceased person have not staged and planned the burial the right way.

The reason been that, several sources told Ebira Online Media that clashes always happen when two powerful and popular Masquerades are invited at the same time.

The very first one witnessed by Ebira Online Media was when a powerful masquerade was invited from Okene, and another one was invited from Kuroko, when they met; the one from Kuroko was expecting the masquerade from Okene to show some respect, while the one from Okene was expecting the same, after so much argument and boiling, there was a very big fight in Kuroko that day which involved throwing of stones, when I say stones; we don’t mean pebbles kind of stones oh, Real Stones (Big Big Ones).

All thanks to God that day, the situation was calmed by Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) and some elders.

To our surprise the same error that led to the above clash was committed again yesterday, a masquerade was invited from Nagazi and another one from Eika Ohizenyi, as usual their was a clash, the only reason the clash doesn’t spread much was because the two masquerades were going in opposite directions but that never stopped them, as the people from Eika followed the Nagazi people all the way to Inoziomi before the situation was later calmed.

Watch the little video captured at Inoziomi.

Conclusively, personally I think the States Government needs to regulate the outing of Masquerades in Ebiraland seriously, and families needs to be enlightened on the dangers of inviting two masquerades at the same time. The situation at Kuroko is not a big issue but this is the kind of issues that do spread like bush fire, if not tackled on time.

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  1. If Masqurades are not regurated in Ebira land, if care is not taking the next crises that will come in the land will be from them. Kogi state government need to intervene, and equally the kinsmen need to call to order to curtail unemerginable result that might come from such.

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