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Police Officers and Community Leaders Are Cutting Dreadlocks and Tinted Hair in Okene


Police Officers and Community Leaders Are Cutting Dreadlocks and Tinted Hair in Okene

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PHOTO STORY: Police officers and community leaders cutting dreadlocks, tinted hairs as reported by music star, Soundboi Bme, Comedian, Dirisu Isah and others.

You will observe that a lot of youth in Kogi Central senatorial district have made this new trend their point of discussion through their facebook account for a while now; Many agreed with the actions of the authorities that it’s bad to keep tinted hairs or dreadlocks while some others argued that these acts are unnecessary since they are not the reason for insecurity and all other vices that has entangled the district.

One of the references made by these youths was that one of the state governor’s SSA on entertainment, popular known as Zulezoo is on dreadlocks too!

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Responses (3)

  1. They should just free those with d hair. we have freedom to do wat we want. So y Wil someone cut another person’s hair? Let dose policemen go to Oda states and see for themselves. Is this d major problem we are having? Wat solution did dey have fr d bad road, insecurities, infrastructure and salary not bin paid

  2. In my opinion, what the Acting Chairperson and his team are doing is very wrong and illegal. There is no law against tinting of hair or dreadlocks..
    If the Chairman so much want to rid the society of such, what is needed is reorientation of our youths. You can not change a person except and until you first change his mind set.
    Tinting of hair and dreading of hair are just the manifestion of a failed society. So we must first address that and the youths on their own will stop such act.
    Mr Chairman Sir, moral suasion to me will be far better than infringing on people’s fundimental human right.
    God bless the Acting Chairperson,
    God bless the people of Okene Local Government,
    God bless Okene Local Government.

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