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Top 10 Rappers in Ebiraland 2021 Edition


Top 10 Rappers in Ebiraland 2021 Edition

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Rappers in Ebiraland 2021

The last time anyone shared this type of list was back in 2019 when we listed the top Rappers in Ebiraland, since Ebira Online Media is fully back, let’s look at the top game changers. Top 10 Rappers in Ebiraland base on bars and fanbase.

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Top 10 Rappers in Ebiraland in 2021.

1. Yunique Ozi Ori.

Yunique holds the number 1 spot on our list because Yunique is not only a rapper, he is an entertainer, Yunique is unique in his own ways when it comes to music deliverables. Consistency is what makes Yunique so different from other artists, he is always given u hit after hit. Yunique has the biggest fanbase so far in Ebiraland.

Itabriz – Wayiye

2. Itabriz

Bars: Present, Punchlines: Present, Lyrics: Present, Vocals: Present.

Itabriz won the award of the Best Lyrical artist in this just concluded Kogi Central Award. Itabriz is known for his talents when it comes to hardcore raps. Itabriz

3. King Dreez

King Dreeze

Dreez has always been a great Rapper, as a matter of fact, Dreez was toping chart during the time of Da Phaze and still toping that chart after rebranding and changing of name. Don’t forget Dreez also made it to number 4 on our top 10 Celebrities in Ebiraland List Check it out.

4. Nickiberry


The king of Boys herself is one of the best Rapper in Ebiraland with lots of potentials, Nickiberry is a very talented Ebira Female Rapper, it is not always easy for women to excel in a male dominated field but Nickiberry managed to get the position of 4 in our top Rappers in Ebiraland 2021 list because she is so talented, and consistent. checkout Nickiberry’s songs click here

5. Boldeg


Boldeg is a talented Rapper in Ebiraland, he is one of my favourite artist of 2021 and he is very very good at his craft. Freestyle: Check, Bars: Check, Lyrics Check..

6. XO Face

XO Face, has always been toping chart and he is very good at his craft too, He is one of the talented Rappers that made Ebira Entertainment industry what it is today.

7. Micky Joe

Micky Joe is one the best Rapper in Ebiraland, He is known for his Good vibes and controversial songs, he has been battled for the position of the Best Rapper in Ebiraland. Micky Joe made it to the top 7 of our list because he is that good.

8. Talisman

One of the finest rapper in Ebiraland with good vibes and sweet bars. He is really good at what he do.

9. Paper Cheeno

10. Lil Em

Lil Em is a rapperand a music producer, he is one of the best music producers Ebiraland has, he is really good at both Rap and Music Producing.

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