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Top 6 Most Influential Ebira People in 2021.


Top 6 Most Influential Ebira People in 2021.

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influential Ebira People

We have lunched inaugural list of top 6 most influential Ebira People in 2021. So this list comprises of both business men, political office holders and civil servants.

Some people will say the list is incomplete because some people are not listed or some people are politicians, they are not spending money from their pockets. It doesn’t matter, so far they have been able to put smile into people’s face, they are worth mentioning.

The inaugural list of most influential Ebira People in 2021 was compiled in recognition of success, Contribution towards helping Ebira People home and abroad. We don’t have trophy 🏆 to give to you but to mention you here to celebrate with you.

Please join us in congratulating this heroes and wishing them more success in their respective fields.

6 influential Ebira People

1. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti.

Natasha Akpoti

Natasha Hadiza Akpoti has been the most influential Ebira person, even before she came into politics, from the point of adopting not less than 600 children across Kogi State to construction of roads, building of houses for her supporters, Drilling of Bore Holes for communities across Nigeria and to crown it all showing her supporters how to catch fish rather than only giving them fish to eat.

Natasha Akpoti contested for the position of senator in Kogi Central, she also contested for Kogi State Governorship seat, though she didn’t win this positions, she was able to show to everyone that she’s an angel of hope, she! not thinking about loosing the elections, she continues stretching her helping hands across to the people means she won regardless.

We say a big congratulations to Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, for her kind gesture towards humanity, not only Ebira Race.

2. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello

The Kogi State Governor made it to the 2nd position of list because, Ebira People have never been given the opportunity since the creation of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello been the Governor has given people the opportunity to hold so much public offices across Kogi State.

Ranging from recognizing Ebira Heroes still living, to recognizing Ebira Celebrities all over the world, to helping people achieve what they never thought they can ever be in their lives calls for commendation.

We say a big thank you and congratulations to the present Governor of Kogi State for his kind gesture in recognizing Ebira Ebira People.

3. Khalifa Okene

He has been helping people from the beginning, he has been the stepping stone for so many Ebira People worldwide to achieving their dreams. This man has been helping people with scholarship mainly in Ebiraland. As a man that believes so much in quality Education has sponsored so many Ebira children to schools abroad on scholarships.

Because of Khalifa Okene’s kind gestures he has been asked to come for senatorial seat which he has contested but didn’t win. Just like Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, these things didn’t stop him from being kind and helpful to humanity.

We thank you and God bless you to Khalifa Okene, more success sir and may God reward you more…

4. Engineer Abubakar Ohere

The honourable commissioner for works in Kogi State, this man has helped lots of people before he was given the commissioner title in Kogi State, Engnr. Abubakar Ohere has helped numbers of Ebira youths achieve their dreams, both Education and Career wise. He is a secret helper that doesn’t like talking about how he has helped people at all.

Thanks for your kind gesture towards humanity sir

5. Pharm. Abdulkharim Asuku Jamiu

This is the current Chief of Staffs in Kogi State Nigeria, This man is a helper and a kind hearted man, I would have mentioned few of people i know he has touched their lives positively, but i learnt he hates to brag about what he has done for people.

He is a helper and a good Samaritan may God continue to bless him.

6. Leonard Peters Omuya

Leonard Peters Omuya is a known helper throughout Ebiraland, he helps widows and youths a lot, during the covid-19 he was seen distributing various items, like food stuffs, clothes, cash and other materials to his people in order to ameliorates their suffering during this harsh period of Corvid-19..

Leonard Peters Omuya is a good and kind hearted man with a good wife (Omehi Sabdat Peters).

Conclusively, we have lots of Ebira people out their helping people big time that doesn’t make this list, if you know anyone that you think should be included in this list please share with us in the comment section. Also don’t forget to share.

Adijo Nini.

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