Verified: Yunique Was Arrested Because of His Live Video


It has been officially verified that Yunique Ozi Ori was arrested by the Vigilante because of the live video he made on his Facebook timeline.

We are committed to bringing to the general public every update we receive regarding Yunique Ozi Ori (Yunique Latest News), to keep everyone on the loop.

Since Yunique Ozi Ori was arrested because of the live video he made, yet Zubair Amoka is denying the fact that he is involve in this whole issue, who will have the guts to arrest someone in Okene because of a video made specifically to correct his wrong doings, if he didn’t give the go ahead.

Zubair Amoka barbing Okene Youths hair. Video below.

It was also confirmed that Yunique Ozi Ori’s hair is still intact, no one touches his hair, also to calm the general public down, Ebira Online Media received the information that no one beat Yunique up he was only arrested for questioning.

We demand the immediate release of Yunique Ozi Ori, please share and drop your comments below.

The video Yunique Ozi Ori was arrested because of

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