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Ebira Music: Achewuru Obanyi Okene – 1979 Record (Download mp3)


Ebira Music: Achewuru Obanyi Okene – 1979 Record (Download mp3)

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Aneku Achewuru Obanyi Okene
Adayi Momoh Ajagu Obeito

When a good music is mentioned in Ebiralnd, Achewuru Obanyi Okene comes to mind, this track i am sharing today is one of his awesome songs of those days. This track is dated far back 1979. You will be able to download this awesome song and listen below.

Adayi Momoh Ajagu Obeito was the custodian of Aneku Achewuru Obanyi Okene, the great philosopher, the Nostradamus of our time. Issues raised and discussed by him are still topical and fundamental till date. To me, Late Adayi Ajagu came, he saw and he conquered. May his sour rest in peace.

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Download and Share Aneku Achewuru Obanyi Okene song

Download Achewuru Obanyi Okene 1979 mp3

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  1. Please can you post more of his music. I appreciate what you are doing. This will help alot in learning more about our heritage. Thanks in advance.

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