Crude oil was said to have been discovered in Okengwe district of Okene local government, Kogi state.

The said treasure was discovered particularly in a community usually called Makaranta/Utabo along the palace of the newly installed Ohi of Okengwe/Okene, HRH. Tijani Muhammad.

From the information made available, from the community and Okengwe Development Association (ODA) official, the crude oil was said to be seen oxen out from a deep excavated well in one of the residential house.

The well usually dry up in this particularly in a particular period of rain drought season. With this harsh scarcity of water, the residence decided and carried out a flush out of the mud in order to pave way for a sufficient amount of water from the ground. In such a fortunate but surprising scenario, the crude-like liquid started to steadily rush out from the deep well instead of the expected water just few hours after the flushing out of the mud on the ground surface was done.

The owner of the well was much surprised and first thought it to be other thing else, and asked to know if there was any chemical used during the flushing process. Another flushing was carried out, and more of these liquids keeps coming out.

This information was gathered from an eye witness and the ODA representatives who took the sample of the liquid and later discovered to be a mixture of petroleum and diesel.

“A road side mechanic made some technical refining of the samples taken and it worked in stove cooker, motorcycle and its light up fire, according to the information reaching me from an eye witness.

Thus, official report has been presented by the Okengwe Development Association (ODA) to the Kogi state government concerning this development.

The Accountant General of Kogi state and the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy in the state has been intimated and has promised to convey the information to the Executive Governor and the state commissioner for Mineral Resources, and that technical experts would be around to make a survey of the site.

Note: This information is yet to be 100% confirmed

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Etudaye Yoonus Abubakar

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