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Ebira Music

Ebira Music: Onyieche Idris – Ize (Download Onyieche Ikede Song)


Ebira Music: Onyieche Idris – Ize (Download Onyieche Ikede Song)

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Ebira Music: Onyieche Idris - Ize

Download Onyieche Idris – Ize Album on Ebiraonline Media, Late Madam Onyieche Idris used to be one of the most popular Ikede Musician when she was alive, Onyieche popularly known by her sweet voice and her dancing steps, she was once a girl to Dr. Fregene of Ihima before she begun her own music journey, but unfortunately Madam Onyieche passed away after several Industry music album. at a tender age.

Some of those album are Okumatete, Otamayi adami, Okumbo etc. Below you will have access to Onyieche’s Album titled Okumatete, see below.

Also Download: Late Onyieche Idris – Okumatete 

Download Ize by Late Onyieche Idris mp3 below

Download Onyieche Ize mp3

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