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Ebira News: Photos of a Man that married 2 brides Same Time, surfaces on Online – People Reacted


Ebira News: Photos of a Man that married 2 brides Same Time, surfaces on Online – People Reacted

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Wedding Pictures of a Man marrying two brides the same day and at the same time in Ebiraland has been shared on Facebook and people are reacting.

A Facebook user names King Adomu Yakub shared the photos on his Facebook timeline asking of people witnessed the marriage.

The photos has causes stirs ever since they’ve been shared, see some people’s reaction below.

Those hanty no get joy ooooo,may Allah bless there new home

Umi Salliman wrote

Sad Brides, Marriage is not by force.

Rahanat Jimoh wrote

From the look on their faces both of them are not smiling.
The one close to the camera is heavily pregnant and she seems to be full of thoughts. This man should just be careful, ok bye

Harm Less wrote

Yes it is happened last year my sister husband married my sister with another lady my sister is the senior born four girls as the man want marry third wife then she request for wedding the man ves went and did first two wives Asked Imam from Anyoke

Isah Abubakar says

Looking at this picture you should know it won’t be as peaceful as we see.

See how strong their faces is…

James Onimisi Meeky

What an achievement… white men are Discovery new things, black are getting married to wife. Especially Ebira land, what an achievement

Michael Value Ohindasey says

This marrying of two women the same day has finally been made a normal practice. How will the Man (husband) consumate the marriage? This is senseless and illogical.

Ismaila Abdulateef

Hmmm women plenty for ebira land now….but this is rubbish trust me

Emmanuel Peter says

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