Yesterday, I wrote about the most beautiful house in Abuja Nigeria being own by an Ebira Man and with the kind of hate and bitter comments that came from some Ebira People is disheartening. Where as this man Aliyu Abubakar is not the cause of poverty in these people’s family.

We thank God not all Ebira People reason thesame way, I saw a lady that dropped her comment on the same post and I was so moved by how intelligent her comment is. See below for the comment.

The amount of entitled and bitter people on this comment section is alarming and equally distasteful?

So, you think you deserve someone’s hard earned money because you are from his clan/tribe? That’s stupid.

You know how he was able to get to where he is? By not seating behind a keyboard and telling wealthy and successful people how to spend their money and hating on them because he didn’t benefit from them.
Instead he got an education, manage his time wisely, open his mind and learn from other wealthy people on the creation of wealth, I suggest you all start doing the same instead of seating at home and hating on someone and undermining their achievements because they didn’t give you a “handout”

You can’t become what you hate, if you are bitter about other’s wealth, chances are you will never be wealthy.

My people hustle oo so you won’t come online crying about someone not dashing you money you didn’t work for or deserve ?

Salihu Hafsat

Another commenter dropped his comment on the same matter and the below is what he has to say.

Smiles.. I know that poverty is a disease but I never knew it also use to takes one’s right sense away.
Just imagine! Abusing and hating on someone who had worked relentlessly to get to where he is now for absolutely nothing!! U guys think he gt to where he is now by just sitting around his keyboard and abusing successful people?
Some ar even saying that he doesn’t use to help anyone. Wait! Wait! Wait a minute! Do u even have any idea of the number of the people that ar working under him? My brothers and sisters, I think our lives would be better if we stop blaming successful people for our condition.
Well, May Almighty God makes us all successful in such a way that we won’t even have to look at or envy other people’s Success.

Abdulkareem D Shuaibu

I was responding to comments before I see this two sensible comments, then I know some people are very intelligent and knows the right from wrong.

Conclusively, I will like to add that, Aliyu Abubakar has helped lots of people directly or indirectly, he has put food on people’s table and he will continue to do so.

We shouldn’t have this mindset of blaming people for what is not their fault, this man is not the cause of anybody’s problem, he has the right to spend his money, the way likes, he can decide to go live in the moon, we can only encourage people to give back to the society not force them.

Thanks for reading drop your comments below and share.

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