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The Most Expensive House in Abuja is Owned by Ebira Man


The Most Expensive House in Abuja is Owned by Ebira Man

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About The Most Expensive House in Abuja Nigeria

When you see a very beautiful thing that got your attention, you will be very curious about so many things, so many questions you will have in your heart to ask, the same thing applicable to this Exotic and Gigantic Mansion in Gana Street, adjacent to the ever famous 7 star  Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja Nigeria.

I have taking the route of where this mansion is situated and I can say that each and every time I passed through this mighty and awesome house I always ask myself Who is the owner of this beautiful property? how much is this building? is this a residential house or a Hotel?

The house which was built with British design (London Design) is owned by an Ebira Man from Kogi State, Aliyu Abubakar, the president of AA Oil Limited, one could tell from the glowing design that all the materials used in erecting this building was imported.

Aliyu Abubakar

Now that we have spoken about the owner of the house lets talk about the cost of the most expensive residential house in the FCT of Nigeria, Abuja

How Much is the cost of the most Expensive House in Abuja?

According to the owner of the mansion (Aliyu Abubakar), he bought the piece of land where the mansion is erected from one man from Zamfara State at the sum of N1,000,000,000.00 (N1billion) only in 2005.After further investigation and observation including interviews, Mr. Aliyu further revealed that he fund the the erection of the mansion from his personal savings as he didn’t in any way get a mortgage loan from any bank to fund his projects, it was further revealed that, Mr. Aliyu was a building technologist before venturing into oil business, and he’s still a builder and an Estate developer, he owns a company called A Group Properties Ltd.

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In an interview, Mr. Abubakar Aliyu made it known that he built the house himself as he is a builder, any house built by him always stands out. Mr. Abubakar stressed further that, he built this house just to show that the same houses and development in overseas can also be replicated in the mother land Nigeria.

Now, my question will be, If this land in which this house, which is claimed to be the most expensive house in Abuja is bought at the cost of 1 billion Nigerian Naira, then How Much was the cost of building and erecting such a might building?
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