I and Yunique Had a Covenant – Sharon Sonia Said on Live Video, Also Cried

Sharon Sonia is one of the most talented Ebira Musician, she is known for her sonorous voice, good lyrics, and jaw dropping classic songs, lately a lot has been going around the musician, ranging from her husband getting arrested to, her separation rumour from her husband Yunique Ozi Ori, now it’s accusation of infidelity with her friend Dreez, she gave reasons why people should not judge her wrongly.

In an emotional live video made by Yunique Ozi Ori estranged wife Sharon Sonia, she revealed so many things about her separation in the video, she also made it clear that she has nothing personal to do with her colleague Dreez, she revealed how disheartening this things are.

She said how Ebira people are misjudging her and misinterpreting every actions from her, is not just fair.
Sharon Sonia did not end there as she laid heavy curses on everyone accusing her wrongly, though she made it known that she was in a covenant with her estranged husband Yunique Ozi Ori, just to prove her innocence.

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Watch the video below.

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  1. Sonia have a mind set ok
    You don’t have to be angry base on your tit just have to keep move as yuno
    Wish to see you guys in…… Again