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How I Feel Dead Every Night – Man Shares His Touching Story With Divorce


How I Feel Dead Every Night – Man Shares His Touching Story With Divorce

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I have always had this thought that women aren’t the only people who go through pains after divorce, the both parties are usually touched. It’s only that oftentimes, men tends to control their emotions than that of a woman.

Sitting all alone, quite and innocent was a man who recently got force divorce from with his wife. How did I get know? I walk up to this gentle soul to plead for a space and without hesitation he asked me to sit. I greeted and appreciated him.

After some moments, I decided to talk to him. Are you okay sir? I asked him. He turned to look at me and immediately I said, sorry sir but you have been quiet and you seems worried so I decided to share in your thoughts if you don’t mind.

As if he have been looking for someone to share his thoughts with. He responded, my marriage crashed a month ago and every night, I feel like a dead man.

I immediately pick interest in the topic and look serious (laughs). So sad! How did it happen sir? I asked him.

He narrates:

I got married a year ago to the woman of my dream, I love and cherish her allot and I know she felt the same.

Before we got married, she usually disclose to me that her mother doesn’t like me and she have promised to do everything possible to get us separated.

I was willing to do everything possible just for her mother to have an atom of love for me but how do I no if I am even pleasing her when she always seems comfortable and happy anytime I am around her daughter.

I doubted my wife’s allegation and counter it because the woman was nice to me. Sometimes, she will even cook for me by herself any time I visit them.

I finally got married to the love of my life but every day, we don’t have peace. She always have scary dreams and me too. Everyday, I keep dreaming that my wife wants to kill me with a knife.

Whenever we share our nightmare’s together, she will beg me and cry insisting that I go see her mother with gifts, money and clothes.

I keep doing it and one day I got tired and insist she tell me what I need to know. My wife said, her mother is a witch and she have promised herself that she will do everything possible to make sure that our marriage won’t work because I am not rich and can’t afford what she want for her child.

I love my wife so much and she loves me too and we are not willing to let go. What will I do? I questioned myself.

Life keeps getting difficult for me but I keep pushing and hope it gets better some day yet my wife keeps begging and crying that I fulfill my normal routine of buying things for her mother and bribing her with money.

I finally lost it and things went really bad that we could barely feed once a day. My wife and I had a child and she is still breastfeeding the baby.

Anytime she visits her mother, she will come back sad with the same story of her mother asking her if it isn’t time for her to come back home.

My wife stop visiting her mother and one day, unknown to us, the mother show up at our place. I welcomed her awesomely and she hit me with the news that she is here to take her daughter.

Out of curiosity, I asked her what happened or if weather I have wronged her. She said her daughter have spent enough time with me and that it is time for her to return home.

I was short of words, I turn around to look at my wife and she faced the floor like it should open for her to enter.

Just before I no it, her mother called her name to go inside and pack her stuffs and she gladly did without hesitation. Am I dreaming? I asked myself.

My wife packed her bags leaving some stuffs I got for her and my child behind and they left. Since then till now, I have been in a confusion state.

Should I blame myself or my wife? Am I supposed to go plead with my mother in-law? I am left with a child who is just 8months old.

My life have been so different and every night, I feel like a dead man because I can’t imagine myself sleeping and handling the child alone without her.

Touching right? I know.

Please like, share and drop your opinions of the best action for this man to take. He is currently undergoing serious emotional trauma, physically lost and exhausted.

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