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How To Make Money With Facebook Groups in Nigeria in 7 Ways


How To Make Money With Facebook Groups in Nigeria in 7 Ways

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How To Make Money With Facebook Groups in Nigeria in 7 Ways
How To Make Money With Facebook Groups in Nigeria in 7 Ways

Facebook groups are a perfect platform to connect and communicate with people who have the same tastes and ideas. They serve as medium to share your interests and express and a platform to share opinions. What if you, in addition to all this, could monetize your group? As a Facebook group owner, you could be sitting on a gold mine, you just need to learn how to mine the gold!

But beware, because you could be stepping on fine glass and losing everything you’ve built. You do daily work with your group, and many times you have to invest a lot of your time to do it. It’s not wrong to want to make money from your group, but you also want to maintain the integrity of your group and avoid turning people away. To do this, you need to be tactful and follow tried and tested techniques.

How To Make Money With Facebook Groups

Turn your group into one that provides real opportunities

Let’s assume that your group is for employment or recruitment group, you can share real offers. You can talk to local businesses and ask them to post it to the group whenever they have an opening.

You can create a web page or blog yourself, where you upload job offers locally and share this page in your group. The way to monetize the group can be through AdSense ads or by charging a minimum subscription in your group. Although personally I prefer the option to monetize the blog or page .

Now let’s think that you have a group of information and paperwork. The way to earn money can be offering your time to help carry out procedures and consultations.

You must be looking for the perfect way to make money with Facebook groups. See what may be the correct form according to the theme of your group.

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Start selling products and or services

Another one of the best ways to increase your chances of making money with your Facebook group is by selling products or services. As your group steadily grows and members become more involved, your network of potential customers is going to grow big.

The good thing is that if you already have a Facebook group, you already know who your potential customers are. Pay attention to what they post and comment on. Take surveys, upload helpful content, and then you can think about sales.

Advertisements and Sponsor Posts

A Facebook group with many members can be a gold mine (Like a Facebook group with 5 Million members). You can contact companies and people with ventures and propose to advertise them for a monthly, weekly or daily cost.

Create a Facebook ad Campaign

At this time it is not possible to create an ad campaign directly from your Facebook group. Although they say out there that soon we will be able to create campaigns directly from groups. So how could an advertising campaign work? If you haven’t already done so, create a Fan Page or Facebook page that deals with the same topic as the group. Then join your group to your page.

It is very important to have a page on Facebook because they have the option to “boost posts”. Something very good, since for a few dollars, you can reach many people interested in your page. To connect your group and your Facebook page, go to your page and click Groups on the left side.

Create Email List

If you’re looking to generate ongoing income, it helps to have another way to contact your prospects besides your Facebook group. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating an email or WhatsApp list.

To do this, you need to create content or offers that are compelling enough that people will be happy to exchange their email address or join a WhatsApp group where you can promote your offers.

There are different ways to request your members’ email or WhatsApp Contacts, depending on what you’re offering. If you’re offering content like a video, you can place a lead capture form in the middle.

Monetize Your Blog or YouTube Channel With Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a very good option for driving visitors to a YouTube channel or to your weblog. As long as the content of the channel or blog is relevant and of interest to the members of the community.

Suppose you have a group about Singles, Marriage, Fashion & Trends Make Up, your content in the YouTube Channel must be related to the topic been discussed in the group.

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Start Affiliate Marketing

Facebook groups are very good for promoting and making sales of info and physical products as an affiliate. You must bear in mind that the groups must be closely related to the theme of the product you are promoting.

I personally recommend creating a landing page or capture page, instead of sharing the affiliate link directly in the group. First because Facebook does not like affiliate links and second because if you send visitors directly to the seller’s sales page, you will lose from building a list of subscribers and being able to sell them other similar products.

To create a landing page, the ideal is to buy a domain with the ending .com, .net, .ng, or, which bears the same name as the product you are going to sell. With this you will not only be able to sell on Facebook but you will be able to position your landing on Google and have more sales possibilities.

There are many affiliate programs that you can join to promote and sell products in Nigeria or Africa at large. From Jumia, Konga, AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, Themeforest, Namecheap, among many others.

As an affiliate, you can sell from phones and computers, electronics, foods, Fashion & Styles, hosting and domains, etc. to information products such as eBooks, diets, subscriptions among others.

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