Ghanaians Drag Ex-President Mahama On Twitter Over Yahaya Bello's Mobile Clinic

Ghanaians Drag Ex-President Mahama

Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi State, has once again sparked conversation on social media, this time among Ghanaians as well as Nigerians, as the governor’s standards for Kogi projects are being used by Ghanaians online to disparage their former president, John Dramani Mahama.

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Bello’s mobile clinic was utilized in a tweet by a Ghanaian named Kay with the handle @Kwesi Agyei_ to draw the former president’s attention to the fact that the governor’s mobile clinic is the benchmark required in Ghana.

The governor is currently being portrayed in the viral tweet as one of the best African leaders, making several Nigerians regret not backing him to become their country’s next president. The post has received hundreds of replies.

Bello has publicized a number of his projects and accomplishments in Kogi State during the last few days. Nigerians and other Africans consider the majority of the projects to be of the highest caliber and the benchmark for contemporary society.

Due to this, some Nigerians have taken to social media to apologize for not supporting the governor during the primary elections when Bello ran for the position of the nation’s next president.

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See images below:

Ex-President John Dramani Mahama’s projects

Gov. Yahaya Bello’s projects

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