Hijab Saga: Lawyers Stood Against Their Colleague Wearing Traditional Attire to Court (See Video)

Hijab protest with Malcolm Omirhobo
Malcolm Omirhobo

Reactions troll as court approves wearing of hijab to school.

Recall that few days ago, court approve of the Muslim students in the public schools of Lagos to wear hijabs to school.

This judgement has made Barrister Malcolm Omirhobo to appear in a traditional attire to Court in attempt to protest against the hijab judgement.

In one his statement, he said “I am Malcolm Omirhobo. I am a legal practitioner. I am into general practice but I have more liking for constitutional law. I want a judge to confront me, I won’t stop wearing traditional attire to Court”.

Lawyers move to stop their colleague from appearing in Olokun or traditional attire in court.

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Watch the Video below:

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