Monkeypox: Everything You Need To Know (Signs, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention)

Monkeypox Can Be Transmitted Through Intercourse – NCDC Warns

Monkeypox Can Be Transmitted Through Intercourse - NCDC Warns

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has warned that monkeypox can be transmitted through sex.

The NCDC in a statement shared on its website, also listed some symptoms of the disease.

Recall that Ebira Online Media had earlier reported the cases of Monkeypox in some countries, and have also taken their time to write a detailed analysis about the disease, virus/infection.

It read “Symptoms of the illness include fever, headache, body aches, weakness, swollen lymph nodes (glands) and a rash. After about 1 to 3 days of fever, the rash erupts, beginning on the face and then spreading to the body with the face and palms/soles being mostly affected.

“They can also occur in and around the genitals which is why contact during sex is one mode of transmission. It is mostly a self-limiting illness that often lasts for two to four weeks.”

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