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True Story: Ahono Ohu (Business Enhancement Charm)


True Story: Ahono Ohu (Business Enhancement Charm)

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Ahono Ohu (Business Enhancements)
Ahono Ohu

This story titled ‘Ahono Ohu’ is a true life story of a couple who decided to spend their life building a particular business together until this happened.

In my next article, I will guide you through the meaning of ‘Ahono Ohu’ in Ebiraland, the reasons why people use it, the advantages, its disadvantages and many more. Let’s get down to the story below.

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True Story: Ahono Ohu (Business Enhancement Charm)

According to a legit source who shared this story with Ebira Online Media, there lived a couple at a small village in Ebiraland, this family lived an average life.

The husband deals in collecting and distribution of firewood in the community and beyond, this business is a great business in Ebiraland for the less privileged.

The wife on the other hand is a trader, she was known for selling beans (Eza) in the community market, a market close by the village where they live.

They were both running their businesses individually, which serve as a means of livelihood to them until they gave birth to their children (2 boys, 3 girls). While training their children, they vow to train the children to tertiary level.

But the boat turn around as the children were fast growing up. With the thoughts that the income from their various businesses will not be enough to cater for the family, the both couple decided to invest in one of the businesses they were operating.

After analyzing each other’s business, income and stress, they both figured that the wife’s business is much more profitable and less stressful, so they decided to focus and invest on the beans business than that of firewood distribution.

According to the source, the husband was known for always bringing the wife to the market with his bike everyday before going back home to either hangout with friends or stay at home because they sold his truck to invest in the wife’s business.

The husband didn’t pick interest in doing any other job since they invested in this business, because he is confident that the income from the beans business is enough to cater for the family, the wife since then have been the major person responsible for the bills.

As the business kept growing, they were into various thrift/contributions (Opa) both daily, weekly and monthly. The husband was aware because they seems to practice a transparent relationship where by they don’t hide anything from each other.

The woman became very popular in that market as Ane Eza (beans seller). On a daily basis, they can never make a sale below N50,000. Their children are all in school and two of them were already at the university level.

On this faithful day, the husband came to drop the wife in the market as usual and he left. Customers arrived the woman’s shop as usual, she couldn’t even sweep the shop as customers were already in a queue waiting for her.

She was serving them and collecting her money as usual. Slowly, she became inactive as she used to be, attending to her customers, the woman whom she was serving as at that moment was complaining that she should hurry up and all of a sudden, she couldn’t move her hands anymore.

Curiously, the woman called her name severally and down she fell, they all rushed to hold and support her. She was neither talking, moving nor breathing anymore and blood flows down her nose and her mouth.

The news spread very fast since she is a very popular business woman and it reached the family. Without further talks, she gave up to the ghost.

People visited her house to offer their condolences to the family, the husband wasn’t crying nor showing any sign of pain as he came up with the claim that he had lived in Hausa land for many years, and death is nothing rather than Innalillahi Wa’innalillahi Raj’oun (Through Allah we came and to him we shall return).

Everyone pitied and sympathized with him, with the thought that he is really going through allot from inside at the moment. Night fell and the burial was over.

After the wife’s burial, the next day, the man was seen going from house to house asking people to be sure if the wife is indebted to anyone. Not just that, he also visited the thrift collectors (oga opa) to ask for the money with them or anyone he needs to balance.

Some of them were not happy with these action while some complied.

3rd day after the the burial, the husband rode on his bike to his late wife’s shop to continue the business, with a statement;

Beans business have just started (Ohu eza voni se’se yima a’aninoh)

He loaded the shop with beans as their goods arrives, some customers felt it’s a taboo and didn’t go there to buy while some summoned the courage to still buy their beans as usual. One of the customers asked him if he is familiar with the business responsibilities and he responded yes with a claim that the wife explained everything to him before she died.

He continued the wife’s business and after weeks, strange things started happening to him. Disappearance of the sales was one of the things that happened twice to the customers witness, no one knows what else he is keeping to himself. He stopped coming to the shop after a month with different excuses.

Months passed by and the husband fell seriously ill, to the point he was really helpless and friends were coming to his aid. Some thought, he was still affected by the death of his wife while rumors have it that he (the husband) might be responsible for the death of his late wife.

As they were taking him from one spiritual healer to the other, every one of them kept asking him to confess to his sins, he was at the verge of death before he finally opened up.

So he said;

As we both kick start the beans business, it was not quiet booming as we expected it, so my wife as the most concerned party brought a suggestion of Ahono Ohu, and we decided to see a native doctor (Oma’hono) for consultations and solutions.

These act of consulting the herbalist, pastors or Alfa’s is kind of common among business owners in Ebiraland.

Business associates and friends have being advising my wife that; her business can stand and boom the way she want if only she has Ahono Ohu (Business enhancement charm) which they have also use in growing their own businesses.

So, at this point where the business wasn’t going the way it was expected, she discussed it with me and we were tempted to go for consultations and solutions truly. Trying to seek for solutions, we were given some charm to apply on our business in return for great miracle.

Not one or two Ahono Ohu was collected with conditions attached to it just to ensure that our business become a successful one and miraculously, the business was fast growing. From using big rubber to sell at the edge of the market to having a shop and we started buying in bulk for people to purchase from us in wholesale.

So after which my wife died, I knew for a fact that my wife must have failed in one of the conditions of the Ahono Ohu which was why I quickly continued from where my wife stopped.

The man added that, while he was operating the business, he hasn’t gotten any moment of peace, which made him ran back to the different places where he and his wife have collected Ahono Ohu, and he was informed that they have both failed the terms and conditions of the charm, some of the native doctors gave him solutions while some didn’t; which was the reason why he closed down the shop.

The easiest part of the solutions the native doctors gave to him was to go to the wife’s graveyard and offer a sacrifice, which he did, another one is to dig out the dead body of the wife in the midnight and put it in the market square, with the total sale she made the day she died, spread around the corpse, he did that also.

Instantly people recalled waking up to a particular corpse in the market square like that.

He also pleaded and ask for the children’s forgiveness for himself and the late mother as they wanted the best life for them. The man added that; the children will have no problem if they wish to continue the business and also retain the shop.

The man’s sickness got cured after few days of his confession, but he died strangely few weeks later.

The children later sold their parent’s shop, gather together all the money left for them by their parents, and relocated to another town and started another beans business (Ohu Eza). One of the children gave reasons to why they can’t continue staying in that community. The eldest one said, he want his younger ones to have a new life and a fresh memory.

Conclusively, in my best opinion, I still think and support the act of praying to God in all ramifications, rather than seeking the consent of Oma’hono (native doctors). Meanwhile, don’t expect what works for your neighbor to also work for you, we all have different spirit.

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