Anglican Priest Hacked to Death by His Son's Friend in Adavi, Kogi State
Seidu Augustine

Anglican Priest Hacked to Death in Adavi

Venerable Seidu Augustine, an Anglican priest of the Diocese of Okene was on Wednesday night murdered in cold blood by a friend of his son who visited his home in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The suspect identified as Ahmed, from Ihima in Okehi Local Government was reported to have visited the clergyman in his personal house claiming to be looking for his friend, a son of the deceased.

The clergyman man who told the suspect that his son was not around, decided to help him in his usual magnanimity, having seen he was looking rough and hungry.

Anglican Priest Hacked to Death by His Son's Friend in Adavi, Kogi State

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Ahmed demanded for food, our correspondent gathered, and the deceased ordered his wife to make provision for food for him. After eating, Ahmed was said to have demanded for more food and the deceased insisted his wife gives him more food.

Noticing his unkempt appearance, the Priest gave him detergent to wash his cloth and went inside to give him his personal cloth to wear.

The late Pastor was said to have called his son to inform him that his friend was with him, the son claimed not to have been in touch with Ahmed for a very long time and demanded to speak with him, but the deceased told the son he was sleeping and would not want to disturb him.

Later in the evening, the Late Venerable informed his guest he was going for a Bible study in church and would be staying till the following morning for the church’s devotion. Hence, he will be passing the night at the vicarage. Ahmed decided to tag along, and the Pastor obliged.

They both rode on the Clergy’s motorcycle to his Church, St. Peter’s Anglican Church Nagazi in Adavi Local Government.

Ahmed was said to have contributed during the Bible Study, and after the evening program, the pastor gave him money to buy food for dinner and they both went to sleep in the same room in the church’s vicarage.

According to close family sources who spoke with ebira reporters, it was suspected that while the Pastor was asleep, Ahmed attacked the deceased with Cutlass and gave him several cuts in the head and hand.

“Having killed his victim, he locked the door to the room and gate to the church, took the phone of the deceased and motorcycle and returned back to his personal house in Obangede to wash his body, and dropped the clothes he was given by his victim which was now soaked in blood.”

The suspect having perfected his mission, wore his personal cloth he washed the previous day and took the deceased motorcycle and reportedly left for Abuja where he went to consult a herbalist.

The herbalist who is also from Kogi knew Ahmed’s father and excused himself to call him, thus finding out what the suspect has done

With the cooperation of the herbalist, and the intervention of the Nigeria Police, the suspect was detained and under interrogation at the time of filing this report.

The suspect family has claimed he is mentally unstable and was not in the right frame of mind.

The deceased, Seidu Augustine had lost his first wife barely a year ago, and remarried in April, 2022.

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  1. Hello to whom may post this if the deceased guy said to know the herbalist that the killer guy father had hands in this secondly if the son isn’t in his right mind why wouldn’t he kill his own father, this guy demand to be stone to death ☠️ me I judge am

  2. The last time I met pastor is as two weeks ago why would his dead come from this retard omg what’s wrong with Nigeria police make them burn this guy no interogation can help ?

  3. Can’t they post the guy pics showing how the police have shoot his leg and hand cut this guy ear they all need to be burn alive I knew this man God won’t judge anyone who burn the deceased guy parent Kai ? ?