#Breaking: Children Stranded in Okene With Their Mother’s Corpse, Can’t Locate Parents Home.

Shocking As Set Of Sibling Take Their Mother From Lagos To Okene But Can’t Locate Where Their Parent’s Root. They Have Not Been Home Before And Their Sick Mother Who They Were Conveying Home Died At Ageva.

They Are Stranded At The Roadside With Their Mother’s corp In Ageva.

After Internal Consultation, The Ageva Community Is Reportedly On Arrangement To Help Bury The deceased so they can return back to Lagos. They don’t have traces.

Credit: Leco-360Media

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  1. This should serve as a shameful lessons for some Egbira sons and daughters in particular who abandoned their home origin in preference for a stranger land the have gone for a greener pastures to the extent of enslaving their up-springs with the language, culture and naming after their host place. Most Egbiras did the worst practice by burying the bodies of on strange land of host for whatever reasons as against the tradition of the Egbiras which says “iresu osihi ehi asiono nanaku ni” when the becomes grown, you take it home for barbing. We need serious reorientation among ourselves to restore our culture, tradition and values as a people.